Light Filtering & Room Darkening-Why Duolite Shades are the Hottest New Home Accessory

Hunter Douglas’  Duolite shades offer the best of both worlds to control light and create privacy by combining a sheer fabric with room darkening liner in a single shade. Striking the perfect balance between light and privacy Duolite® shades have quickly become one of this season’s hottest new home accessories. Bring style, color, and life to any room through the wide assortment of on-trend fabrics in the Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shade collection.

What is the Hunter Douglas Duolite® System?

The Duolite® operating system is window shades that combine two different fabrics into one single shade. The first fabric is for light filtering so it’s perfect for those who want soft filtered light in their home with some privacy. The other fabric creates privacy and darkness.

Add some color 

Duolite® shades are extremely functional but they also serve as a great way to put together a look or design in a house. One of the things we love about Duolite®  light filtering shades is the fact that they come in so many different colors! If you want a little pop of color in a room Duolite® Shades to provide that!

Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades

Cater to a Design style

The bold colors available in the Duolite® Shade collection lend a hand to numerous design trends for the house. With so many options in this collection, there is a shade color and pattern for every design style!

Go for a retro Mid-modern boho look with these bright Fuschia roller shades that accentuate the vintage style. Alternatively, you can create the Mid-modern look with simpler shades that help accentuate the furniture and decor.

Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Roller Shades
Bathroom window Treatments
Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades

Whether you live on the coast or simply want to bring the coast to you, these beachy shades do just the trick to get the beachy coastal vibe!

Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Roller Shades

Even if you want a rustic industrial vibe or the clean precise look of Scandinavian design there are Duolite® Shade options to create the perfect pulled-together design.

Window Treatments
Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades
Window Shades for Industrial Living Room
Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades

Layer with Drapery

Layer with drapery for a more complete look when designing with Duolite® Shades! Draperies can either accentuate the color of the Duolite®  shade or smartly contrast it to emphasize the color, either way, the look is gorgeous!

Window shades for bedroom
Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades

Don’t forget the window treatments when you are redesigning your house. Duolite® ®  Shades combined with draperies can finish off your home redesign. There are so many endless options to choose from all made for unparalleled quality and customer satisfaction. We love having the best of both worlds when it comes to Duolite® shades, the beautiful light filtering it allows in a room and the total privacy it creates when needed.