Natural Stone Mosaics | New Era Long Hex Collection

The New Era Long Hex natural stone mosaic collection is a stunning modern collection filled with classic influences. Its timelessness and wide array of colors available make it extremely versatile to different design styles. This hand-made marble mosaic is a great focal point to suit a variety of settings and has endless design possibilities.

Modern Mid Century Design

The New Era Long Hex Mosaic lends itself to many different design styles but the Black with Asian Statuary color, in particular, excels in Mid-century Modern design. The black and white colors of this natural stone give off major vintage vibes. Reminiscent of the roaring ’20s this tile makes an amazing backsplash for a bathroom or kitchen. Black backsplashes and accent walls are huge right now and this natural stone has the trendy black detailing softened up by the white patterns. It’s classic with an edge of modern to give an extra pop to your space.

Black and white mosaic
New Era Long Hex Mosaic in Black with Asian Statuary

If you love the Mid-century aesthetic but aren’t ready to commit to the black look, the Carrara with Lagos color from this collection might be the perfect solution! This marble mosaic design still has the vintage vibe of the black but with a much softer pallet. 

bathroom mosaic
New Era Long Hex Mosaic in Carrara with Lagos, White Carrara and Black

Scandinavian Design 

As far as Scandinavian design goes, the New Era Long Hex Mosaic in Noche with Asian Statuary can help create the ideal Scandinavian Spa. Its earthy pallet is the ideal balance between nature and a touch of glam. The design of this natural stone stands out entirely on its own and doubles as its own decor piece.

Bathroom Mosaic
New Era Long Hex Mosaic in Noche with Asian Statuary, Noche and Crema Marfil

Additionally, the Crema Marfil with Golden Travertine can provide a Scandinavian Boho aesthetic for a home. Like the Noche, the Golden Travertine has an earthy palette. It features slight color variations which are rich in tone. The Crema Marfil with Golden Travertine hexagon mosaic can be played up to be more Boho or Scandinavian depending on how it’s styled. For a more Boho look incorporate more natural texture with complementing colors. To keep it more Scandinavian we suggest simple decor and letting the stone be a focal point. 

New Era Long Hex Mosaic in Crema Marfil with Golden Travertine

An honorable mention for Scandinavian design is the Thassos with Ming Green color from this collection. While it doesn’t have an earthy palette, the soft colors in this design are relaxing and serene. It will easily create a harmonious look in your home. It is beautiful and simple, everything that exemplifies this design trend. 

New Era Long Hex Mosaic in Thassos with Ming Green, Thassos and Linblu

Modern Glam Design 

Modern Glam design has been an emerging design trend over the past few years. It is exceptionally popular in bathrooms which is no surprise. Who doesn’t want to shower in luxury? The Dark Emperador with Crema Marfil color from this collection provides all the glitz needed for a glam space! The gold accents in this marble mosaic are breathtaking and can elevate any room in the house!

New Era Long Hex Mosaic in Dark Emperador with Crema Marfil

Traditional Design

Traditional design doesn’t mean boring! The Asian with Temple Gray color from the New Era collection offers a beautiful hexagon mosaic pattern cemented in simplicity. Great for spicing up a kitchen or bathroom backsplash, it has a contemporary look mixed in with traditional design. 

New Era Long Hex Mosaic in Asian with Temple Gray, Asian, and Lagos