Neutral Area Rug Design Ideas

You can’t go wrong with neutrals. Neutral decor has been a staple in the design world for its adaptability, versatility, and overall elevation of a space. Neural area rugs, in particular,  are making a big splash in the design world as homeowners and designers continue to play around with texture and material. A neutral area rug is a great layering piece for your home design and accentuates a room. If you want to learn how to choose the right area rug for each room in your house, check out our Area rug 101 blogs where we break down proper area rug sizing and shapes. 

Neutral Bedroom Ideas 

One of the reasons why neutral area rugs are gaining popularity in bedrooms is because of their comfortability and versatility. Area rugs naturally warm up a room, proving the perfect amount of Hygee in a bedroom. There’s nothing nicer than getting out of bed and having your feet touch cozy carpets, if you have hardwood a neutral area rug will provide the same feeling. 

Gold 1356 Area Rug in color Cream/Silver/Gold in bedroom
Gold 1356 Area Rug

Neutral area rugs can adapt to many different design styles and color palettes. For a more calming look, lean completely into the neutral area rug look with a completely neutral bedroom design. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary and neutral area rugs provide comfort. 

Neutral Living Room Ideas 

Who doesn’t love a calming and cohesive living room! Neutral area rugs create neutral living rooms and neutral living rooms create maximum comfort.

Alice Area Rug

There is this misconception that neutral means boring but it couldn’t be further from the truth, especially when it comes to neutral living rooms. Adding a neutral living room is an effective way to incorporate texture and even patterns into your space. 

Georgia 643A Area Rug
Georgia 643A – Avalon Flooring

A neutral shag area rug creates warmth in living rooms and elevates a space, proving that less is more when it comes to interior design.

Mila Shag Area Rug in Taupe over hardwood in a living room
Mila Shag Area Rug

Neutral Office Decor 

Neutral area rugs in home offices are always one of our go-to style choices. Office styles adapt and change as a necessity and personal style change. A neutral area rug is a dynamic decor piece that homeowners can invest in as they are versatile to adapt to many different designs. The best part about neutral area rug colors is that they adapt to many different color palettes. 

Alice ALI-04 Area Rug

Neutral Area Rug Design 

Neutral area rugs are anything but boring. Whether you want the standard 8 x10 neutral area rug or you are creating a custom size, the design possibilities are endless. Modern neutral area rugs incorporate patterns and different textures to create stunning designs.

Estate Malvern Gray Area Rug
Estate Malvern Gray Area Rug

Andorra 303D 2’3″x8′-10’x13’2″ Area Rug