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Powder Bathroom Ideas

A powder bathroom, also known as a half-bath, is essentially a bathroom that does not include a tub or shower. If you are lucky enough to have a powder room in your home, there are several ways you can design and renovate it to create an aesthetically pleasing bathroom for your family and guests to use. Check out our recommendations on what to consider when choosing a design for your powder bathroom!

Powder Room Vanity Ideas

The central focus of any powder bathroom is the vanity. With potentially less space to work with compared to a full bathroom, you’ll want to go for a smaller size vanity that won’t overwhelm the room. A vanity around 24”to 30”  in size will often be a good choice for your powder room.

Since your powder bathroom will likely have fewer storage opportunities than a full bathroom, consider a vanity with some storage capabilities so you can keep extra hand towels and other necessities easily accessible.

Cherie 24″ Vanity with Integrated Sink in Walnut
Charlottesville 30″ Vanity in Vintage Black
Toledo 24″ Vanity with Doors in Driftwood Gray

Powder room vanities can be neutral and traditional, or they can be the opportunity to add a bold color as the focal point of the room.

Cherie 24″ Vanity with Integrated Sink in Royal Blue

Contrasting Accent Wall

In the smaller space of a powder room, adding an accent wall can help create contrast and draw the eye to that wall specifically without overwhelming the room. Consider adding tile to one wall to provide that “accent wall” look. 

Go for a natural, rustic look with natural stone ledger panels in your backsplash.

Landscape 4.5×16 Natural Stone Ledger Panel in Roman Beige Petite

For a more playful look, choose wall tiles with a lot of color or a fun pattern.

Harmonia Kings 13×13 Patterned Tile in Marrakech

Powder Bathroom Floor Tiles

You can also use the floor of your powder room as the accent. A bold, colorful, or patterned floor tile paired with more neutral walls will suit your powder bathroom well. We recommend sticking with floor tiles on the smaller side, given the relatively small square footage in most powder rooms.

Faenza 13×13 Patterned Tile in Azul
Kings 17 3/4 x17 3/4 Patterned Tile in Rombos
Twenties 7 3/4 x 7 3/4 Patterned Tile in Vertex

Neutrals Can Help the Room Seem Bigger

If your powder room is quite small, sticking with neutral colors can help give it the illusion of a larger space. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style! Go for neutral wall or floor tile that includes a pattern or an interesting layout to add some intrigue.

Gatsby 8×8 Porcelain Tile
in White Tin

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