Scandinavian Home Design | Tips & Tricks

Scandinavian home design is like the little black dress of house styles, it’s a classic trend that is as understated as it is bold. Emerging as a hot new style trend in the 1940s, America quickly fell in love with this nordic style house aesthetic. A trend cemented in minimalist design & understated elegance, there is no surprise why the Scandinavian interior style has stayed popular throughout the years.

Less is more

The key to the perfect Scandinavian style home is to practice restraint when it comes to decor. This is a style trend based on simplicity and comfort. It’s all about clean lines, functionality, and elegance; a design trend where less is more. Scandinavian interior style really values quality over quantity placing emphasis on craftsmanship, especially when it comes to furniture. This isn’t a design trend filled with bulky furniture and decor.

Exence 8x48 Wood Plank Tile in Almond
Exence 8×48 Wood Plank Tile in Almond
Homestead 5" Red Oak Hardwood in Prairie
Homestead 5″ Red Oak Hardwood in Prairie

Scandinavian Style flooring

When it comes to the base of your Scandinavian home design we suggest going with hardwood floors that are light in color. Light hardwood floors bring more light to a room and make it appear brighter overall. Scandinavian interior design focuses on light airy decor that flows seamlessly with its environment, the floors provide a base for the entire look & gives the craftsman touch so popular with this design trend. 

Scandinavian living room featuring PerforMax 7" Vinyl Plank in Oak Stave
PerforMax 7″ Vinyl Plank in Oak Stave

Color & design

Traditional Scandinavian design is all about light and muted colors but with the new decade, we have seen the emergence of pops of color. Pops of color contrasting against the light and muted colors have been super big with this design trend.. Having white walls with bold artwork and having a contrasting accent wall have both been on-trend. The key is to add pops of color but not oversaturate, it’s all about the contrast between muted and color.

Nantucket White Oak 5" Hardwood in Natural
Nantucket White Oak 5″ Hardwood in Natural

Lighting is crucial

Lighting is crucial in any style trend but above all with Scandinavian home design. Natural light is your friend if you are looking to have a Scandinavian style house. Window treatments that let natural light shine through are a must.

Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades
Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades
Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades
Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades

Add some Hygee interior design

If you don’t know what it means. Don’t worry you aren’t alone! Hygge is a Danish word that roughly translates to “cozy togetherness”, a feeling of contentment, or well-being. Hygge is pretty much what we all strive for in our lives so why not try to incorporate it into your home! Think soft blankets, natural linens, cozy chairs-anything that brings comfort into your space. Adding some hygge home designs ensures that your Scandinavian interior style home not only looks great but is functional and comfortable for everyday life. 

Mila Shag Area Rug in White
Mila Shag Area Rug in White