Small Bathroom Ideas | Designs for Small Bathrooms

Short on space no longer means short on style! We know remodeling and designing small bathrooms can be a challenge but never fear Avalon Flooring is here with some awesome small bathroom design tips that are going to transform your space into the HGTV bathroom of your dreams.

Maximize your storage

One of the most obvious tips we can give you is maximizing your storage! Storage is vital in small bathrooms for numerous reasons. Having an ample amount of storage is convenient and also keeps your bathroom looking clean and uncluttered. We suggest checking out Petite vanities that fit nicely into your smaller bathroom space. Check out our blog on small vanities here

Cherie 24″ Vanity with Integrated Sink in Royal Blue

Floating petite vanities in particular offer a more minimalistic modern look that works well in small bathroom designs. Floating vanities offer great storage solutions and you can even use the space below the vanity for even more storage if needed!

Bari 24″Wall Mounted Vanity with Integrated Sink in White

Utilize Tile

Less decor doesn’t mean less style when it comes to small bathrooms. Tile is a great way to add some color and dimension to a small bathroom without taking away any space. Go with a clean and modern look with subway tiles or have some fun with bold colors and patterns to show off your style!

Glamstone 12×12 Porcelain Tile in Palissandro
Mod Hex Matte Porcelain Tile in Black

Small bathrooms don’t have to be just whites and greys, have some fun with some bold patterns and fun designs as well!

Harmonia Kings Star 13×13 Patterned Tile in Sky

Mirrors & Shine

Take note of a time and tested interior design trick, use mirrors to make a small room look bigger! Mirrors give the appearance of a bigger room with its reflection, so a big vanity mirror is a must-have design choice in a small bathroom. 

Perfect Pebble 12×12 Natural Stone in Alpine

A shiny or reflective tile backsplash in a small bathroom can also give the appearance of a bigger space and doubles as chic decor. 

MJ Vision Lantern Mosaic Multicolor Quartz with Antique Mirror

Shrink it 

Shrink all your accessories & decor! The #1 design mistake we see, when designing small spaces is the accessory sizes! Small spaces equal small accessories. Everything from light fixtures, to decor options, has to be smaller because it makes the room look bigger! Big accessories in a small bathroom will only dwarf the room even more. The smaller the accessories in a small bathroom, the less space it takes up and the bigger the room looks!

Toledo 24″ Open Shelf Vanity in Driftwood Gray

Style up

Style upward in a small bathroom, rather than styling down. Styling upwards tricks the eye and gives the appearance of a taller bigger room. Styling up can easily be done by mounting shelves for extra storage and decor items. Another trick to styling up is color blocking with tile or paint. Color blocking also tricks the eye into seeing a taller room thus a bigger room, it also gives more opportunity to show off your personal style! 

Watercolor 3×12 Subway Tile in Cosmic Sapphire