The Transformative Power of Drapery Panels

Curtains or drapery panels, like the right accessories, make a home look finished. They occupy prime real estate on a wall and have a significant impact on the design of a space. Whether they’re standing out or blending in with other furniture, drapery panels pull a room together. From luxurious and over-the-top to tastefully discreet, drapery can be the finishing touch that transforms your home.

Our custom side panels and drapery by Hunter Douglas are perfect when used alone or layered with your other window treatments like blinds and shades. You can choose from timeless or on-trend fabrics and select finishing details like pleats and hems to make a drapery panel style all your own.

Here are some ways you can design with side panels and drapery in any room in your home:

The Power of Blue Drapery

Bold, blue drapery panels can anchor a room and create a decorative frame for your windows.

Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Drapery


The Elegance of a Floor Length Roman Shade

Roman shades are a classic choice and, when used with lightweight fabric, bring a soft glow and create a neutral backdrop for any room. Adding side panels brings another layer of sophistication.

Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Side Panels


The Power of Geometric Drapery Patterns

Graphic patterned fabric in your drapery panels can add a touch of vibrancy to an otherwise plain room.  Include matching, bold colored side panels to complete your look.

Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Drapery


The Sky is the Limit

Place panel drapery above the window framework to draw attention up to a tall ceiling, increasing the sense of space. The drapery and roman valances frame the home’s views and accentuate the color palette of you living area.

Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Side Panels


Simply Sophisticated Drapery Panels

Using drapery panels in addition to roller shades can transform almost any room, creating a calming backdrop and adding a subtle layer of sophistication.

Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Side Panels