Modern Bathroom Design | Modern Bathroom Tile

One of the most neglected, yet most used rooms in the house are the bathrooms! We often focus on larger, more communal parts of the house that we forget that bathrooms should be a place you love! Modern bathrooms reflect the universal need for a personal sanctuary. Aside from essential facilities, bathrooms should be a gorgeous oasis to retreat to. Here are some of our favorite modern bathroom ideas to inspire your next remodel and completely transform your bathroom.

Modern Scandinavian Bathrooms 

Nothing exemplifies personal sanctuary than a Modern Scandinavian bathroom. Scandinavian bathrooms flow together naturally and effortlessly to create a unique spa-like environment in your home. They are designed heavily using natural stone to create an earthy natural environment. Natural stone is a statement in modern bathrooms and there are so many stone look options that it’s easy to find exactly what you want!

Tibur 12×24 Porcelain Tile in Silver

Modern Scandinavian design has a muted warmer lighter color palette. More often than not color contrast is created by using monochromatic colors for a beautiful cohesive effect! We love how these natural wood-look planks contrast with the different shades of the shower tile and walls!

Grotto 2×2 Mosaic Porcelain Tile in Caramel Onix

Modern Luxury Bathroom Design

Modern Luxury bathrooms rely heavily on the use of natural stone. Modern luxury bathrooms tend to be flashier with more polished tile options. An easy hack for luxury bathrooms is designing your bathroom using products from the same tile or stone collection to create a cohesive luxurious effect! 

Monte Carlo 4×12 Porcelain Tile in White Onyx
Monte Carlo 4×12 Porcelain Tile in Iconic Blue

Dark & Modern Bathrooms 

Modern bathrooms aren’t always natural stone or gleaming tiles, dark and moody can be modern too. Dark and moody modern bathrooms are some of our favorite bathroom aesthetics. Dark modern bathrooms are timelessly bold and always make a statement. Dark slate look tiles create a stunning effect paired with modern bathroom appliances.

Move 12×24 Rectified Porcelain Tile in Black

For a more polished dark and modern bathroom, we absolutely adore these Zellige subway tiles as the blended shades on these tiles create a beautiful contrasting effect! 

Zellige 5×5 Glossy Subway Tile in Graphite

If you love the modern dark bathroom look but are scared to go fully black, consider an accent wall! A marble look tile brings some softness to your black modern bathroom.

Michelangelo 24×48 Polished Porcelain Tile in Visone

Modern Mid Century Bathrooms 

We can’t deny Modern Mid-century bathrooms have an all-together vibe to themselves! This type of modern bathroom experiments more with size, shape, and color. Penny tiles are extremely popular as they give a nod to the past while still giving off a modern vibe. 

Hexagon 1″ Matte Mosaic Tile in White

Modern Mid-century bathrooms are the perfect opportunity to get funkier with the furniture, especially with the vanity. A sleek vintage look vanity can cement your modern mid-century bathroom and complete your look. 

Nets 44″ Wall Mounted Vanity in Natural Oak & Black

Modern Industrial Bathroom

Modern Industrial bathrooms have a darker color palette and a more edgy look.  Slate or metal materials for the floor and wall give the perfect modern industrial aesthetic. While modern industrial decor in common spaces relies heavily on exposed bricks, in bathrooms it’s all about choosing raw material look products.

Slide 24×24 Porcelain Tile in Gray

Opt for a more structured bathroom vanity with sharp clean lines that will flow easily with the Industrial look.

Monterrey 30″ Vanity in Flat White

There are many unique ways to design your modern bathroom to completely fit your style and your needs. There is no one size fits all in a modern bathroom and the owner’s personal taste and style is what makes a bathroom design complete.