Wood Look Tile Flooring Ideas

When it comes to wood look tile, the design possibilities are endless. Many unique and stylish interior design ideas incorporate wood look tile. While there are many pros and cons of designing with Porcelain tile, one thing is universally true; porcelain wood look tile blends form and function effortlessly. Wood-look porcelain tile allows homeowners to elevate their space by putting the wood look in areas that would traditionally be possible for wood to live in like bathrooms and basements. Check out the rest of our blog to get more inspiration on designing with wood look porcelain tile. 

Wood Look Tile in Bathrooms 

Porcelain tile that looks like wood allows homeowners to get the wood look in places that are usually not advised to put real hardwood, like bathrooms. Traditional hardwood floors give your home a modern yet timeless feel for your home, but because of their sensitivity to moisture, homeowners have been wary of hardwood in these spaces. 

American Estates 9x36 Wood Plank Tile in Natural
American Estates 9×36 Wood Plank Tile in Natural

Scandinavian Bathroom Design Inspo 

Give your bathroom a Scandinavian makeover with lighter natural wood-look tile. We are big fans of Scandinavian-inspired bathrooms – they are so relaxing. The natural wood look gives your bathroom a more airy feel and helps maintain a neutral color palette. The neutral and natural color palette will create the cohesive look that is popular in Scandinavian interior design. 

Cottage 8x48 Wood Plank Tile in Acacia
Cottage 8×48 Wood Plank Tile in Acacia

The linear lines of wood look porcelain can also trick the eye to make the room appear larger. Homeowners can also play with neutral color shading to create a more modern Scandinavian look. While traditional Scandi design is based on lighter colors, we are seeing more modern looks mix Scandinavian with a bolder aesthetic. 

Driftwood II 8x48 Wood Plank Tile
Driftwood II 8×48 Wood Plank Tile

Modern Rustic Bathroom Ideas 

Not quite Farmhouse or French Country, Rustic interior design is quickly making a name for itself in the interior design world, especially as the design world continues to lean more into natural design elements. Modern rustic bathroom design is all about distressed wood look porcelain tile and minimalist design. The key to a modern Rustic bathroom is to let the distressed wood look be the visual interest drawing the eye in. Less is more! 

Legend 8x48 Wood Plank Tile
Legend 8×48 Wood Plank Tile in Sand

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box with wood look tile! Play around with a wood-look porcelain tile shower for a unique look.

Time Design 4x36 Wood Plank Tile in Silver
Time Design 4×36 Wood Plank Tile in Silver

Wood Look Tile Patterns 

Wood-look porcelain doesn’t just emulate the wood look, it can also recreate traditional hardwood patterns like herringbone, running bond, chevron, and parquet. These fun pattern layouts reinforce the realistic wood look. 

Wood Look Tile Coastal Wood Mid Blue
Wood Look Tile Coastal Wood Mid Blue

Wood-Look Tile Accent Walls 

Rethink where you view wood-look tile, add a wood wall to create different textures and character to your space. A wood look wall will add character to your room and double as a fun accent wall. These accent walls add warmth to living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

Driftwood II 8x48 Wood Plank Tile in Stone
Driftwood II 8×48 Wood Plank Tile in Stone

Wood-Look Tile in the Bedroom

Hardwood is famous for its texture and warmth which is why it’s one of our go-to’s for bedrooms but wood-look porcelain tile gives the same look and feels as hardwood with more durability – making it a no-brainer for families. 

Backwoods 6x36 Rectified Wood Plank Tile
Backwoods 6×36 Rectified Wood Plank Tile

Kitchen Domination 

Kitchens are a classic place to put wood and wood-look floors. Adaptable to many different design styles, homeowners can create a traditional kitchen look all the way to the rustic coastal look – the possibilities are endless with wood-look porcelain tile. 

American Estates Wood Look Tile in Saddle
American Estates Wood Look Tile in Saddle

No need to worry about kitchen spills with porcelain wood look tile, as they are waterproof and won’t get damaged by water. 

Antoni 6x36 Porcelain Tile in Platinum
Antoni 6×36 Porcelain Tile in Platinum

Extend Patio Season 

Extend patio season in a unique way with wood-look tile. Ditch the traditional concrete or stucco patio and level up your outdoor space with wood plank tile. A wood-look patio is unique and is a perfect mix of elegance and durability.

Lodgewood 6x39 Wood Plank Tile in Gray
Lodgewood 6×39 Wood Plank Tile in Gray