Timeless Home Design | How to Trend-Proof Your Home

Trend proofing your house can be hard. It seems like every year there are more cute and trendy design trends that are so easy to fall in love with. Style is unfortunately not eternal, while some trends make a resurgence there’s no clear way to predict what will be in style or outdated in the next fifty years. While it might be easy to hold onto those bell-bottom jeans and graphic tees in case they make a comeback, home design is a lot more tricky. Here are some of our tips on creating a timeless home design that will be new and fresh as the years come and go. 

Consult a Professional 

Our first tip might be an obvious one but it is vital, hire a professional or at the very least consult one. While the internet has made buying so much easier, it doesn’t account for a tailored design plan. Interior designers and retailers are extremely knowledgeable on lasting design trends, incorporating current trends in a way that allows for change later and trend shelf life. Before you buy any materials for a home remodel, pop into one of our stores and talk with our Sales Associates! All of our associates are trained in design and can assist you in making the best-educated choices for your home.

Keep the base neutral 

While it may be tempting to go for what’s the trendiest design on the market, have some restraint when it comes to the basics. Neutral flooring and walls work best as it allows for more freedom in the accessories and allow you to easily change design styles. 

Ellsmere Thornbury European Oak 7 1/2″ Hardwood Flooring
Thornbury European Oak 7 1/2″ Hardwood in Ellsmere

You can experiment with flooring design but it is vital that you keep it neutral so the base (the most expensive to remodel) can be easily changed throughout the years.

Sea Mist Cascade Adura® Flex 12×24 Vinyl Tile
Cascade Adura® Flex 12×24 Vinyl Tile in Sea Mist

Go with a neutral carpet and design with accent colors that can be changed as time goes on!

Bamboo Bandala Jazzed Berber Carpet
Bandala Jazzed Berber Carpet in Bamboo

Incorporate classic materials 

There are two known facts in home design, hardwood floors will always give you a classic look, and Subway tiles will never go out of style. 

Town Pier Nantucket Red Oak 5″ Hardwood Flooring
Nantucket Red Oak 5″ Hardwood in Town Pier

One new design trend that is sure to withstand the test of time is wood-look flooring. It gives the classic look of hardwood at a more durable design and friendly price. Wood-look tile, vinyl, and laminate flooring get bonus points for having waterproof and water-resistant options allowing the classic look of hardwood in more places than ever before!

Saddle American Estates 9×36 Wood Plank Tile Flooring
American Estates 9×36 Wood Plank Tile in Saddle

Subway tiles always look modern, especially as backsplashes. This simple look is a safe choice for timeless home designing. Years have come and gone and Subway tiles have reigned supreme. You can have fun with some colorful subway tiles or even experiment with their shape! Subway tiles have been reimagined over the years and have continued to look current and fresh. 

Watercolor 3×12 Picket Glazed Ceramic Tile
Watercolor 3×12 Picket Glazed Ceramic Tile

Another classic material is marble. Marble will always have a modern edge to it. The glossy finish reflects light beautifully and gives the appearance of a bigger room. Especially popular in bathrooms, marble is a good invest peace for a home. 

Arabescata Carrara Select 6×12 Polished Marble
Arabescata Carrara Select 6×12 Marble
Polished Marble

Experiment with Accessories 

Accessories are where we can all get our trend fix! Accessories are not only cheaper to replace when outdated but are a fun way to incorporate different design trends. Accessories are where design trends thrive.  Go for funky lighting or trendy paint colors that can be changed up easily!

Light Loftwood 8×48 Wood Plank Tile
Loftwood 8×48 Wood Plank Tile in Light

Have fun with different area rug styles and trends to complete your look! 

Manasquan Pebble Inlet Area Rug
Inlet Area Rug in Manasquan Pebble

Don’t forget the power of window treatments to complete your timeless home design and accessorize your space!

Hunter Douglas Parkland® Wood Blinds

With so many different styles and colors available, there’s a window treatment to complete any look!