Top Carpet Trends of 2021 | Cozy Carpet Trends

It’s 2021 and carpet design has never been so innovative. If you’re anything like us, you love soft plush carpets that feel like a dream to walk on. Nothing compares to the warmth and comfort that carpeting provides for your space. Carpets have gotten a bad rep over the years for being your parent’s choice of flooring but the new carpets and carpet trends coming out lately are infused with youth and style! Here are some of the hottest and coziest carpet trends for your house!

Fun with Patterns

One-dimensional carpets are so last decade….have some fun with patterns! With plush patterns and luxuriously soft fibers, these stunning carpets will give you a reason or two to swoon. The layers of texture added by these patterns create a stunning contrast on floors and add subtle dimension to a room. A subtle pattern on a carpet not only adds more interest to a room but also makes the room look more clean and precise. Clean, tight patterns work really well in Scandinavian design while looser geometrical shapes pop in Mid-century design.

Aristocrat On Trend Carpet in Cascade
Divine Retreat On Trend Carpet in Pashmina

Carpet can be Art

The days of bland simple carpets are out and we are being introduced to the trend of electrifying custom carpets with unique designs. Going with a unique design gives you an opportunity to add a level of elegance to your home. Flooring can be art too and carpet designs can be an asset when trying to design a house based on a certain design style. Different carpet designs are not only beautiful but can also help accentuate all your decor choices. A Boho house might have a more wild design carpet than a neutral Scandinavian house but they both can completely tie a room together with its unique design. Don’t shy away from carpet if you are going for a specific house aesthetic, let the carpet accentuate your design choices.

Haka On Trend Carpet in Night Sky
Boteti On Trend Carpet in Arctic

Change how you use Carpet

The biggest current carpet trend? Make it your own! Add the warmth of these carpet styles to your home, or have one customized into an impressive custom rug or stair runner. Carpets aren’t just for set spaces anymore, have one custom designed for your stairs or layer a custom rug over a bland rug to add some fun texture in a room. Stair runners look amazing in any house and also help reduce the risk of slips and falls! They can also help protect the floor underneath the stair runner from wear and tear which is a huge plus. We love custom carpet stair runners because it has it all, beauty and functionality. Custom rugs in general provide more options when it comes to carpet and where you use it!

Stargazer On Trend Carpet in Seapear
custom area rugs
Photo courtesy of carpet