Unexpected Uses of Tile In Your Home

There are many different beautiful uses of tile. With so many materials, colors and sizes to choose from, tile is one of the most versatile materials that you can use in any part of your home. So why restrict tile to the floor, shower and backsplash?

Here are a few more unexpected uses of tile that you can incorporate into your home. Check out these tile design tips and take your decor up a notch.

Where to Use Tile

  1. Make Your Fireplace the Center of Attention
    The fireplace is the centerpiece of any room and a spot that naturally draws guests—especially when it’s lit on a cold winter afternoon or evening. Sometimes it needs a finishing touch. This is the perfect spot to add natural stone or glass mosaic tile. Natural stone is available in many neutral or deep tones for a simple, elegant look, and glass mosaic tile will shimmer beautifully in the firelight. This quick use of tile and easy design upgrade will turn your hearth into a focal point by drawing attention to the center of your room.
  2. Add Tile to the Kitchen Island
    If you want to make your kitchen unique, you can add tile to the front and sides of your island. This is a perfect way to add a touch of color, and your personal taste, to your kitchen design. Mosaic tiles are a great option for this type of project because they come in a wide range of styles — from bright, contemporary glass to neutral, elegant stone.
  3. Add an Accent Wall 
    By using tile as an accent wall of tile in your bedroom you can opt to skip the headboard  Or you can create a design piece in your entryway/foyer that your guests will never forget. This is a great way to take a simple and sometimes boring space and instantly upgrade it.
  4. Spruce up Recessed Shelving
    If you have recessed shelving in your kitchen or another room in your home – you can tile that! It would be perfect for accenting storage of cooking tools or bar supplies
  5. Revitalize Old Furniture
    If you have an old table that is in need of a makeover, consider adding tile to the top of it. This will allow you to personalize the table. Start by choosing a tile that’s practical. If you use the table for dining, a simple ceramic tile will be easy to maintain and wipe clean. If the table is used as a decorative element, glass mosaic tile can be used to add texture or an artistic pattern. New uses of tile will bring fresh life to your furniture that can be fun, and the design options are endless.

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