Vinyl Flooring Trends 2021 | Trending Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a beautiful and unique flooring type. Like its laminate brother, there are many different ways to style vinyl and it’s a great dupe for realistic hardwood flooring as well! The main thing that sets Vinyl apart from Laminate is that it doesn’t just imitate hardwood, there are many different types of vinyl like stone and patterned to create unique looks! Here are some of the top trends we’ve gathered for Vinyl Flooring. 

Herringbone Vinyl

If you look at our other Top Flooring blogs you will quickly notice that Herringbone is huge in every aspect of design from hardwood all the way down to tile, and herringbone pattern vinyl has become a huge trend as well. Herringbone patterns give the illusion of a bigger room and after being stuck in the house all year we all can appreciate a bigger space! We particularly love this style because it also adds texture and interest to a room without being overwhelming. 

Stone Look vinyl 

Wood Look Vinyl has dominated Vinyl Trends for years but we are seeing a huge push towards stone look vinyl in 2021! This particular trend stands out well in Scandinavian Style which exemplifies minimalism and natural design. 

COREtec Stone 12×24 Vinyl Tile in Mari

The Marble look vinyl trend is also making a huge statement this year. Marble look vinyl looks as realistic as real marble but with a bit of a friendlier cost and easier upkeep! 

COREtec Stone 12×24 Vinyl Tile in Valeria Polished

Travertine stone look vinyls are also becoming increasingly popular with their beautiful natural look. The details provided for these stone look vinyls are extremely realistic, down to the color variation!

Cascade Adura® Flex 12×24 Vinyl Tile in Sea Mist

Concrete Look Vinyl 

Concrete vinyl is becoming a more popular trend as people are falling in love with Industrial Style. Concrete look vinyl pairs well with other decor components and complement Industrial decor, like exposed brick and industrial lighting. Concrete look vinyl is more gentle on your feet than actual concrete and is more cost-effective as well!

COREtec Stone 12×24 Vinyl Tile in Harmonia
COREtec Stone 18×36 Vinyl Tile in Vesta

Patterned vinyl

While everyone is falling in love with the wood and stone look vinyls, patterned vinyl floors are still in the top trends. Patterned vinyl thrives particularly well in Kitchens and Bathrooms. This type of vinyl is bold and is great for consumers who want a stylish unique look for their space.

Deco Sheet Vinyl in Wrought Iron

Hexagon patterns have emerged as a go-to chic pattern for flooring and wall tiles in particular! We love how the geometric shapes create dimensions on the floor and draw the eye in.

Hive Sheet Vinyl in Swarm

Wood Look Vinyl 

Wood vinyl trends follow many of the same hardwood trends popular in 2021 but in vinyl form. Rustic lived-in wood-look vinyl planks are popular as the Farmhouse Style continues to dominate. Different wood finish looks are being transformed into beautiful vinyl planks and light colors ranging from Blonde to White Washed continue to be on-trend!

Farmhouse Manor 7 1/8″ Vinyl Plank in Nightfall
Public House 7 1/8″ Vinyl Plank in Old Fashioned