What’s Your Room Decor Style?

Looking for home decor ideas, but not sure where to start? If you find yourself overwhelmed by all the design style options for your home, don’t stress! Take our quick quiz to discover your personal interior design style and spark the perfect home decor ideas for you!

For each of the four questions below, pick your favorite style of room and record the corresponding letter for each of your choices to see your overall home decor style profile.

1. Pick your favorite bedroom:

2. Pick your favorite dining room:

3. Pick your favorite kitchen:

4. Pick your favorite living room:

Count the number of times you selected each letter (C, D, E, M, R, and S), and see the description of the interior design style for whichever letter you chose most.

If you have letters that are tied, it means you are less fixed in your home decor styles and tend to choose a style based on the room or your mood.

Design Styles for Your Home


C: Modern & Clean
You revel in the clean and uncluttered. If kitchen counters could have nothing on them, you’d be happy as a clam! For you, there is no question: less is more. You need your breathing room, and you want everything to have its place. You like modern and streamlined. You say it and play it straight. No frou-frou for you.

R: Rustic Chic
You love cozy, warm and inviting. A space that has a look and feel all of its own. One that feels comfortable and lived in. No cordoned-off areas for you. A house is a home and meant to be there for you to kick back and relax. Timeless with natural colors and fabrics that highlight dimension and textures. Woods, and marbles, mixing country with bistro-chic. Layering that invites you in to explore and discover something new every time.

S: Sophisticated Elegance
Glamour, glamour, glamour! Dahhling, you are made for Hollywood. Sophisticated tastes and color palettes—white on whites, silver and gold metallic, spectacular lighting, with beautiful art and mirrors throughout. A place to proudly entertain. The envy of all who come by.

M: Mid-Century Modern
You are grounded, with a propensity for no fuss and a love for nostalgia. You feel best in room that is mid-century modern, clean lines, warm woods, mixed with metal and glass. An array of colors, blues, oranges, you can make it all work. Comfortable, it never looks like you are trying too hard. Rooms where people feel easy to live in without worrying that something will ruin.

E: Eclectic Chic
Your space is like a passport to the world. You are confident when it comes to design, willing to throw caution to the wind: mixing old and new, brights and whites. You sprinkle worldly treasures from your sojourns around the world. Your space always tells a story that is as interesting as you.

D: Romantic & Dreamy
You view the world with romantic notions: feminine and beautiful, inviting and warm. A claw foot bathtub with bubbles and candles. A canopy over your bed. Fabrics with tassels, and billowy window treatments create the backdrop to the paradise you create. You are a seductress extraordinaire, luring people into a space that titillates the senses.


Source: Bedroom C, Bedroom D, Bedroom R, Bedroom E, Bedroom M, Dining Room D

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