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Carpet | Grace Harbor, Wool & Smartstrand Silk Blend


There's nothing like carpet to add warmth and coziness to any room

Today the choices in carpeting are endless! From plush to sophisticated to dramatic patterns, we'll help you warm up your home with carpet to fit your style. With so many different styles available, come into our showroom to see our full carpet selection.

Plush Carpet


Loop Carpet


Patterened Carpet


Frieze Carpet


Avalon Flooring offers a truly unique and varied selection of plush, loop (or you may know it as berber), patterned, and frieze carpeting. With options designed for both homes, and commercial spaces, we’re proud to offer carpet options that match many different needs, lifestyles and budgets. Have questions? Give us a call or stop by our store.

Plush Carpet

Plush carpet is one of the most popular styles on the market. Well-constructed and durable, plush carpeting features a denser weave made from either organic, synthetic, or a blend of fibers. The result is a soft carpet that is a cozy covering for any room in your home.

Traditional Wood Look Laminate

Loop or Berber Carpet

"Loop" describes how the yarn is looped and fastened to the backing of a carpet. Berber carpeting is a type of loop carpeting and features large, uncut loops in varying size. This style usually has different loop heights to create unique pattern effects. The fibers are usually wool or nylon, and come in natural, earthy tones.

Traditional Wood Look Laminate

Patterned Carpet

Patterned carpeting is a combination of both cut and looped fibers, creating limitless options for textures and designs. The varied pile levels create patterns and add definition to any room.

Traditional Wood Look Laminate

Frieze Carpet

Frieze carpet features long fibers with more twists and a crimped textured appearance. The twisted strands of a frieze carpet help hide footprints and gives a room a more casual look

Traditional Wood Look Laminate

Carpeting is an excellent option for any home. It provides warmth, comfort, reduces noise and adds style. It’s a great option for homes with children and pets. Available in a wide array of colors, patterns and textures, some styles are even eco-friendly. At Avalon Flooring, we have a carpet flooring solution to suit every room, taste, climate, and budget. Visit a store to get started today. Our professional staff will make your shopping experience easy, enjoyable, and fun! Whether you're starting a project or adding the finishing touches, we’ll go out of our way to make your vision a reality. Get the look you want, accurate measurements, and expert installation, all in one convenient location. Learn more about our excellent customer service offerings now.

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The Toughest Carpet Around

You won't believe your eyes

SmartStrand® Forever Clean™ carpeting has been winning awards for its unmatched durability. It's the easiest to clean--it's great for all types of spills and stains. In fact, to prove how easy to clean the carpet is, they brought it to Tough Mudder, the dirtiest competition around, and placed a piece of carpet on the course.

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