Carpet Flooring


Today, the choices in carpet flooring are endless! From plush carpet, to sophisticated and even dramatic patterns, you can warm up your home with the perfect carpet flooring to fit your style (and budget)! With so many options to choose from, we invite you to come into our showroom to see our full carpet selection.

Carpet Flooring Styles, Uses and Applications


Plush carpet can be perfectly described in both its appearance and texture. It’s soft and elegant and one of the most popular styles available in the market because it’s:

  • Durable for the busiest of families
  • Versatile for any style preference
  • Features a denser weave made from either organic, synthetic or a blend of fibers
  • A cozy covering for any room in your home
  • Best uses Family, living, dining & bedrooms
  • Pros Combines an elegant look with durability & comfort
  • Considerations A wide variety of options to choose from & a color for every design scheme
  • Price range $1 & up

Loop describes how the yarn is looped and fastened to the backing of a carpet. Berber carpeting is a type of loop carpeting and features large, uncut loops in varying size and is a popular choice for many homeowners because:

  • The different loop heights create unique pattern effects, making it an aesthetically appealing and versatile floor covering option
  • It’s durable and comfortable
  • It’s available in natural and earth tones that complement any design style
  • Best uses Family, living, dining & bedrooms
  • Pros Very durable & fade resistant
  • Considerations Pet friendly homes should ask about Pet Protect loop carpet options
  • Price range $1 & up

Patterned carpets allow you to turn your floors into a statement piece or simply add another layer of visual interest in your space. Patterned carpeting is a combination of both cut and looped fibers and is perfect for any room in your home because:

  • There are limitless options for textures and designs
  • Its varied pile levels create patterns and adds definition to any space
  • It’s easy to keep clean
  • Best uses Family, living, dining & bedrooms
  • Pros Color variations/patterns can help disguise stains & wear
  • Considerations Be sure to discuss pattern direction prior to installation
  • Price range $2 & up

Frieze carpet feature long fibers with more twists, a crimped textured appearance and is typically described as casual and soft. It's a popular choice for spaces where the family gathers most because:

  • Its twisted strands help disguise footprints
  • It gives a room a more casual look
  • It’s a durable option that is also comfortable
  • Best uses Family, living, dining & bedrooms
  • Pros Frieze carpet fibers help disguise footprints and vacuum marks
  • Considerations Frieze is a friendly and comfortable carpet; not formal in appearance
  • Price range $2 & up

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