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Hardwood flooring: It never goes out of styLe!

Hardwood flooring is truly a classic. It's durable, timeless, sophisticated and adds warmth to any room. With a wide variety of options available that vary in durability, grain patterns, textures and colors, your options are limitless. Come visit a showroom to see the hundreds of styles of wood flooring to choose from on both solid and engineered constructions.

hardwood flooring styles, uses and applications


For a classic look, you may find yourself leaning towards conventional woods such as oak, maple or hickory. These types of wood allow you to create a classic style in your home and are popular choices among homeowners because:

  • Classic Hardwood features medium-color stains (think about the color of honey) that are perfect for any home decor
  • Due to the medium-color stains, you are able to see the natural grain patterns
  • Styles like oak, maple and hickory add warmth, character and value to homes
  • Best uses Any space you want to make look warm and inviting
  • Pros Sophisticated & timeless appearance
  • Considerations Solid construction is NOT suitable for high moisture areas
  • Price range $3 - $7 SF

Exotic hardwoods are species found around the world, typically coming from more tropical areas. Exotic woods like Brazilian Cherry and Teak are prized for their striking appearances and allow you to create a modern or contemporary style with ease. Homeowners are opting for the exotic species because:

  • These species tend to have unique grain patterns, vibrant colors and ranges, including deep browns, rich reds and light blondes
  • They provide a natural warmth and offer a more one-of-a kind appearance
  • Depending on the exact species, the durability and cost may vary
  • Best uses Dining rooms or areas that tend to have less foot traffic
  • Pros Exceptionally beautiful & unique
  • Considerations Due to the uniqueness of the type of wood, these options tend to be higher priced
  • Price range $7 - $12 SF

With variations in patterns from plank to plank, handscraped wood floors are truly unique and will add authenticity to a home or room. When trying to achieve a “worn” or “rustic” look, handscraped flooring is a perfect solution because:

  • Its time-worn appearance transforms any space that will stand the test of time
  • It has the ability to mask minor dents and scratches by blending them into the “scraped” surface (we do recommend you try to maintain the floors the best you can as not every blemish can be hidden)
  • It is available in a wide array of colors
  • Best uses Heavy traffic areas
  • Pros Easy to maintain due to high variation in color & texture
  • Considerations Tends to be higher priced due to the manufacturing process
  • Price range $4 - $10 SF

When hardwood planks are five inches wide and up, they are considered wide planks — a type of specialty wood flooring. These options offer you a different visual appeal that can work in a variety of home decor styles and are trending with homeowners because:

  • Wider-width planks highlight the wood’s knots, natural splits, and other organic elements
  • They give the illusion of a larger space because less planks are used to cover the space, giving you fewer seams and a clean flow
  • Best uses Family rooms, living rooms, dining rooms & bedrooms
  • Pros Highlights the natural beauty of wood
  • Considerations Uniqueness of product may not appeal to all buyers during resale
  • Price range $4 - $10 SF

Bamboo wood flooring is a very popular choice among homeowners and businesses alike as they start to explore more sustainable building options. Bamboo floors have a chic and exotic look and are growing in popularity because:

  • Bamboo is an affordable and eco-friendly floor covering
  • It’s a great option for those who prefer modern and contemporary décor
  • It’s available in a variety of styles and colors
  • Best uses Modern or contemporary styled spaces
  • Pros Reasonably priced & sustainable
  • Considerations Not all bamboo is created equal & can vary in quality
  • Price range $3 - $6 SF

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