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Hardwood | American Scrape Series, Hickory, Autumn Blaze


Hardwood: It never goes out of style!

It's durable, timeless, sophisticated. And today, there are so many ways to get that gorgeous wood look without breaking your budget! Come visit a showroom to see our hundreds of styles of wood flooring to choose from in both solid and engineered constructions. We have hundreds of styles of wood flooring to choose from. Come into our showroom to see our full selection.

Traditional Classic Hardwood Flooring

Traditional Classic

Exotic Species Hardwood Flooring

Exotic Species

Handscraped Hardwood Flooring


Whitewash Finishes Hardwood Flooring


Eco-Friendly Bamboo Hardwood Flooring

Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Hardwood is truly classic. Natural and charming, the richness of wood flooring adds warmth to any room. Varying in durability, grain patterns, textures, and color, your options can seem limitless. Learning more about the varieties of solid and engineered woods can help you decide on the right material for your project, whether residential or commercial. All of the styles featured are available in both solid and engineered construction, this way you can achieve the right look for your space without the worry.

Traditional Classic Hardwood

For a classic look, choose conventional woods such as oak, maple or hickory. Timeless medium-color stains, such as a honey hue, emphasize natural grain patterns in traditional wood flooring styles.

Traditional Wood Look Laminate

Exotic Species Hardwood

Exotic woods like Brazilian Cherry and Teak are prized for their striking appearance. There are many woods to choose from, all varying in durability and cost. Each offers a unique and stunning style.

Traditional Wood Look Laminate


With variations in patterns from plank to plank, handscraped wood floors are truly unique. With its time-worn appearance it can transform any space and with its wide array of color finishes it can complement any style design from rustic to modern.

Traditional Wood Look Laminate


When hardwood planks are five inches wide and up, they are considered wide planks – a type of specialty wood flooring. Wider-width planks highlight the wood’s knots, natural splits, and other organic elements. With fewer seams, a room may appear larger with a clean flow. Wide whitewashed woods make a space feel airy. Light to warm gray finishes are also popular choices in specialty wood floors. They beautify without hiding grain patterns.

Traditional Wood Look Laminate

Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Bamboo wood flooring is both affordable and eco-friendly, making it a very popular choice among homeowners and business alike. For those who prefer modern and contemporary décor, bamboo is a great option.

Traditional Wood Look Laminate

Want to learn more about our hardwood flooring varieties? Visit a store to get started to inquire about your next project today. Whether you're starting a project or adding the finishing touches, we’ll go out of our way to make your vision a reality. Our professional staff is ready to help!

Solid vs. Engineered wood?
Solid vs. Engineered wood?

Solid vs. engineered wood:

What's the difference?

Solid vs. Engineered wood
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Want the look of wood?

Real wood is not your only option.

Today, there are so many products available that can give you the great wood look without actually using real wood. These new options make it possible to get the look you want in places where real wood is not ideal.

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