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Glass Tiles Offer Unmatched Beauty

Glass tile offers a unique visual appeal and is available in a wide array of shapes, shades and finishes, making design options virtually limitless. Glass tile is known to naturally reflect light which can make rooms seem brighter and adds depth to your space.

Using Glass Wall Tiles In Your Home

A glass tile backsplash is usually the first-place homeowners think about when using glass tiles. Because of their smooth surface, glass wall tiles are easy to maintain. Glass tiles don’t stain easily and if they are exposed to dirt or grease, they can be quickly wiped down with a wet cloth. Glass is also known to be strong and resistant to most chemicals, making them very durable for use in your kitchen.

Another popular use for this beautiful material is a glass tile shower. Since glass is impervious to water it will not stain. It is also resistant to mildew and allergens and is relatively low maintenance. We do recommend if you are using it on the shower floor, that you opt for a mosaic size tile that would allow for additional grout joints to add traction and make it less slippery.

Glass tiles definitely provide flexibility in design and application and are not limited to just the kitchen and bathroom though. You have probably seen beautiful glass tile outdoors in pools or even as beautiful accent walls. You can mix materials and use glass tiles as an accent feature in the overall design. With glass tiles, you can be creative and make your space uniquely yours.
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