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Vinyl | Art Select, Spanish Cherry


Vinyl Flooring is available in every wood plank, tile and stone design imaginable

It's a new and improved vinyl and it's making a huge comeback. Ok, it's true: vinyl flooring was something you associated with your mom's home, or maybe grandma's avocado-green stove. Well, things have changed--this is not your grandma's vinyl. With vinyl that looks like wood planks, ceramic, and stone, we know you will be impressed!

Waterproof & Pet Friendly Vinyl Flooring

Waterproof & Pet Friendly

Traditional Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Traditional Sheet

Stone & Ceramic Look Vinyl Flooring

Stone & Ceramic Look

Wood Planks Vinyl Flooring

Wood Planks

The latest trends in vinyl flooring come in an exciting range of styles and patterns. They offer depth and texture. Choose from vinyl with the appearance of concrete, stone, wood, and ceramic tile. Call our flooring specialists or visit a store to learn more.

Waterproof & Pet Friendly Vinyl

Waterproof vinyl is not impacted by moisture and is an ideal choice for a master bathrooms, kitchens or even a laundry rooms. It offers resistance to mold and mildew. Totally waterproof flooring that is kid and pet friendly is available in a variety of trending styles.

Traditional Wood Look Laminate

Traditional Vinyl Sheets

Vinyl flooring sheets are traditional options available in today’s trendy looks. They come in common widths of six or twelve feet for cutting to room measurements. Decorative vinyl flooring is installed to create a smooth, durable finish. With sheets of vinyl, a colorful or subtle statement is achieved.

Traditional Wood Look Laminate

Stone & Ceramic Tile Look Vinyl

The wonder of natural stone and ceramic look vinyl is installed as tile in various sizes to convey an inviting and luxury atmosphere. The tiles resemble the distinctive qualities and colors of stone or ceramic when placed side-by-side. Like ceramic tiles, vinyl can create compelling floor patterns especially when a “grouted” product is used.

Traditional Wood Look Laminate

Vinyl Wood Planks

Vinyl wood-look flooring is highly functional and adds warmth. Vinyl planks come in a range of sizes and wood-look varieties. They invoke the essence of a natural hardwood floor without the maintenance. Premium vinyl floors share realistic textures, shades and finishes.

Traditional Wood Look Laminate

Let us make your home more amazing with everything from vinyl wood-look floors to traditional area rugs. Contact Avalon today.

Vinyl the new best kept secret.
Vinyl the new best kept secret.


Durable and water resistant, vinyl won't fade, stain, or dent.

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