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Avalon Flooring Nuheat Mat

Nuheat Floor Heating Systems

Have you ever installed underfloor heating?


If so, you may be familiar with a loose cable that you configure on-site or a mesh product that is rolled out, cut and flipped to cover the area to be heated. We want to tell you about the easiest way to heat your floors, guaranteeing even heat coverage with no mess every single time. We are talking about Nuheat Mat, an electric radiant floor heating solution available in over 70 standard sizes or custom built to order to fit any space.


Nuheat Mats are built like an electric blanket that is only 1/8 of an inch thick, great for renovations to keep a low floor profile. This electric heating system warms tile, stone and laminate engineered wood floors in 120V or 240V options. For basic square and rectangle shaped rooms simply pick up a Nuheat standard mat or combination of multiple standard mats right off the shelf, in stock at Avalon Flooring. For rooms with angles and curves a Nuheat Custom Mat can be built to the exact specification in 3 days plus shipping. For a custom mat simply sketch up the room with all dimensions including where you would like the cold leads for the thermostat and bring it to Avalon Flooring.

This heating resolution eliminates the majority of time and labor associated with installing an evenly heated floor. Installation is a quick three step process, with a notched trowel spread a thin layer of thinset onto your sub-floor, lay down the mat, and apply one more scratch coat of thinset on top; you can then install your tile the same day! Nuheat mats are UL certified with a 25-year warranty, and can even be used in wet applications such as showers and benches. The standard and custom mats are energy efficient, producing 12 watts per square foot and cover 41 BTUs per square foot.

Quick 3 step installation.
Quick 3 step installation.

Nuheat is most commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens, but are increasingly popular in living rooms, cold basements and even counter-tops. Stop in at any Avalon location to check out the product and ask any questions, we look forward to heating up your next project with the ultimate solution to underfloor heating!

Introducing The ProPartner Insider Newsletter

Stay in the know regarding industry info, new products, and exclusive promos

The Avalon Flooring ProPartner program offers a wide range of exclusive benefits and features designed to help our builders and contractors save time, save money, and in the end grow their business. To encourage that growth we’ve launched the ProPartner Insider Newsletter to share industry info, new products, and exclusive promos.

Industry News

We’ll be posting the latest flooring and installation industry news regularly to the ProPartner Insider Newsletter. If we know a new trend, industry standard, or installation tip that could help you, we’ll share it. The next time Avalon hosts a VIP Event, Workshop, or Certification Class you’ll be the first to know. We want to help you stay on top of your game.

New Products

Professional flooring installers never want their customers to know about a new product before they do. That’s why we’ll be writing about the latest installation products, new flooring product lines, new tile trends, or bathroom accessories. You’re the expert; so let’s keep it that way.

Save Money & Grow Your Business

Finally, to grow your business you need to save some money, so the insider newsletter will be the place to hear about ProPartner exclusive promos. We’re currently reviewing our product line to see what offers we can pass on to our most dedicated builders and contractors.

When we add new articles you’ll receive an email, so keep an eye out for updates throughout the year. ProPartners, this year, let us help you grow your business.

Henry Home Solutions Now In Stock

The preferred choice of flooring professionals

Henry logo Reflex Blue [Converted]

Avalon Flooring is pleased to announce the addition of Henry Home Solutions to the area’s largest selection of flooring installation supplies. Henry has a long history with flooring professionals, a comprehensive adhesive product line, and high performing products that will save you time and money.

Henry has been manufacturing premium flooring and specialty adhesives for over 75 years. Their brand stands for quality, innovation, service, and excellence. Within the flooring industry, Henry has had the privilege of being passed on from generation-to-generation. Now they’re the most respected and preferred adhesive brand in flooring.

Henry Home Solutions Avalon FlooringIn response to this stellar reputation and customer requests, Avalon now stocks the Henry Home Solutions program, which includes a full line of premium substrate preparation products, flooring installation adhesives, and floor repair products. The Avalon Henry Home Solutions program includes adhesive products for any type of flooring installation including:

  • Indoor & outdoor carpet
  • Vinyl sheet, vinyl tile & plank
  • Vinyl composition tile (VCT)
  • Solid wood, parquet and engineered flooring
  • Rubber flooring
  • Wall base
  • Specialty adhesives

The Henry Home Solutions program has been formulated to reduce installation time, lower overall project costs and minimize risk. This will ensure your job is done right the first time, virtually eliminating costly customer call-backs. To back-up their products, Henry also provides a 10-year warranty to eliminate risk and ensure a successful installation.

The next time you place an order at Avalon, let your sales representative know you’d like to add on Henry!

Royal Collection: Increase Your Profits

Sample boards available featuring Carpet, Ceramic Tile, Hardwood, and Laminate


If your next project requires the purchase and/or installation of flooring material, you owe it to yourself to consider Avalon Flooring’s Royal Collection. We now inventory 12 exclusive carpet lines, 7 hardwood flooring options, 4 laminate flooring products and over 20 collections of tile in the most popular styles, colors and sizes! These products will give you the ability to increase your profits and offer customers a complete selection of flooring that you can install quickly.

Profit on Material and Labor

Utilize Avalon’s Royal Collection products and have complete control over any project that includes a flooring installation. Take advantage of these value priced lines of carpet, tile, hardwood and laminate products, specifically priced so that you can re-sell them directly to the consumer enabling you to make a profit on the material, as well as your labor.

No Comparison Shopping

Royal Collection products are made exclusively for Avalon Flooring eliminating any chance of comparison shopping. We’ve hand selected a versatile collection of carpet and hard surface flooring products that your customer won’t find anywhere else. You can be confident that you’ll have the best pricing in the area!

Get the job finished on time with In Stock Material

All of the Royal Collection products are in stock, in our warehouse, so when you need something fast, these are your go-to products.

Samples Available

All of our Royal Collection products are available in the form of small handboards. Unlike traditional deckboards these samples do not take up a lot of space. You can easily transport them to a customer’s home or display them in your own showroom.

As an Avalon Flooring ProPartner you have exclusive access to these Royal Collection selling tools. Ask your dedicated sales representative about what products might be right for you the next time you visit an Avalon Flooring showroom.

Avalon Flooring Royal Collection Carpet Samples2

Avalon Flooring Royal Collection Tile Samples2