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Residential Bathroom Trends that are Important to Know

The 2015 Kitchen & Bath Design Trends Report predicted “contemporary, zen-like retreats” for bathrooms – a trend that continues to have momentum in 2016. Follow this guide to learn more about this trend and which products will allow your business to take advantage of this design direction.

Comfort of In-Floor Heating: Bathroom renovations dominate the home remodeling industry because today’s home-buyers are looking for bathrooms that make them feel pampered and relaxed. In fact, a luxury spa bathroom is one of the surest ways to improve a home’s value. Heated floors in particular are a top selling point.

High-End Details: Contemporary bathrooms don’t have to be monotone. Your customers can add a pop of metallic with TEC® Design FX™, without sacrificing the simplicity of the bathroom’s overall design. Design FX™ is available in silver, crystal and bronze and can be fully submerged, so it can provide a unique, design-inspired accent for water applications.

Added Amenities of Shower Niches: The Kitchen & Bath Design Trends Report listed “user experience” (ease-of-use and maintenance) and “accessibility” among the top 2015 trends. These trends will stay in style. According to Clear Seas Research, 33 percent of tile installations featured preformed shower structures in 2013. Offering convenience and accessibility, TEC® Preformed Shower Components include preformed niches and shower seats, allowing your customers to access the luxurious elements previously only common in resorts and spas.

You can deliver niches and shower seats efficiently with TEC® Preformed Components. They are ready-to-use and easy to install. The Preformed Niches can be used to add a decorative, recessed element to any wall or wet area, and come in five different shapes and sizes to fit the needs of any size installation. Because they are composed of one piece, they can easily be placed and secured into the wall.

Source: TEC

How To Properly Execute Contractor Bids to Maximize Profit

Check out these 5 Tips for maximizing profit with your Contractor Bids:

1Take planning seriously: Unforeseen surface preparation can send the best laid plans for tile and flooring contractors awry. Substrates plagued by moisture and unevenness can increase time and material costs. For this reason, do not bid a job before physically seeing it, and do not bid every  job the same way. Remember, preparation costs may vary dramatically and will affect labor and material costs.If you have any questions about a job, talk to the experts: your team. Get input from your installers regarding the budgeting of time and materials.

2Clarify expectations: Make sure your bid includes a detailed Scope of Work (SOW) – including design and materials. Wherever possible, avoid using allowances. That way, both you and your customer will avoid surprises. Use the phrase “not to exceed” in your SOW to prepare your customer for how you will deal with unforeseen costs.

Also make sure that your SOW outlines exactly what products you are using and any warranty information that your client may want down the road. For commercial installations we recommend that you Investigate any performance requirements – such as ANSI and ASTM standards – and ensure that the products you include in your bid meet them.

3. Document scope creep: If job conditions cause your costs – whether in labor or material – to exceed those documented in your SOW, document them. Take advantage of cell phone pictures with time stamps. Record aspects of the job as they are completed.

Often, tile and flooring installers are the last contractors on a job site. This means they may be responsible for clean up. Include this in your contractor bid so that you don’t end up spending time on something you aren’t getting paid for.

4. Manage product carefully: To cut down on job site waste, only send out as much product as can be used in one day. Although this may increase coordination time, it will help prevent wasting product – and money.

5. Sell value: You cannot sell your work on price alone. Investing in certifications and training and referencing them during the bid process will help you sell the value of your work.

Original Source: TEC 

Avalon Bathroom Tile

How to Upsell a Bathroom Tile Installation

Bathroom remodels are a good investment for your customers. The rate of return is said to be around 75% more than the initial investment which is significantly higher than other home renovations. As a contractor, upselling doesn’t have to be a “dirty” word. In fact, it can help make your customers happier as well as it is a smart choice for your business.

We found this guide produced by TEC® regarding how to have more profitable bathroom tile installations through upselling.

  1. Expand Your Customers’ Possibilities
    Help your customers make the most of their bathroom tile installations by encouraging them to consider adding tiled niches and tiled shower benches to their shower. Shower niches offer more storage (no more products covering the floor!) for a neater esthetic. They can be tiled with blending tile or accent tiles to suit any desired look.

    For residential jobs, encourage homeowners to think about their lifestyle when envisioning their new bathroom. Tiled shower benches are a provision that allow seniors to stay in their home longer, or parents to more easily bathe young children. These additions are a great way to upsell a bathroom tile job.

  2. Lay a Foundation for Profit
    Creating the proper slope for a shower is one of the most essential parts of an installation. Using a preformed slope from the line of TEC® Preformed Shower Components will speed up your installation. The TEC® slope adheres to the tile industry specific ¼” sloped fill and complies with the guidelines noted in the TCNA Handbook – reducing the need for measuring. Additionally, TEC® preformed curbs are a single-piece watertight construction. They are a snap to install and lower your investment in time and materials.
  3. Opt for Ready-to-Use Grout
    TEC® Design FX™ is a pre-mixed grout that can be used in shower applications. This premium, advanced performance grout, which is available in crystal, silver and bronze, has reflective elements that makes the grout sparkle—providing the look of a luxury bathroom that many customers desire.  Another plus of Design FX (and Profit Tactic): You can put the lid back on unused material and use it for the next job or touch up.

Just remember that upselling is a valuable skill for anyone delivering customer service, because it can help you achieve your number one goal: make your customers happier and more successful. It’s not always appropriate (never sell to angry customers), but often it can help both you and your customers win.

Atlantic Builders Convention 2016 – Atlantic City, NJ

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Hosted by the New Jersey Builders Association (NJBA), ABC is the largest building industry trade show in the Northeast, drawing approximately 6,500 participants from the Northeast region, including residential and commercial builders, developers, remodelers and subcontractors, plus a variety of manufacturers, suppliers, and consulting professionals.  Now in its 67th year, the convention features nearly 400 exhibits showcasing the latest products and services to a large and diverse audience of decision makers. Attendees gain up-to-date information about the latest market trends, government policies and technical developments at educational seminars.