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How To Properly Execute Contractor Bids to Maximize Profit

Check out these 5 Tips for maximizing profit with your Contractor Bids:

1Take planning seriously: Unforeseen surface preparation can send the best laid plans for tile and flooring contractors awry. Substrates plagued by moisture and unevenness can increase time and material costs. For this reason, do not bid a job before physically seeing it, and do not bid every  job the same way. Remember, preparation costs may vary dramatically and will affect labor and material costs.If you have any questions about a job, talk to the experts: your team. Get input from your installers regarding the budgeting of time and materials.

2Clarify expectations: Make sure your bid includes a detailed Scope of Work (SOW) – including design and materials. Wherever possible, avoid using allowances. That way, both you and your customer will avoid surprises. Use the phrase “not to exceed” in your SOW to prepare your customer for how you will deal with unforeseen costs.

Also make sure that your SOW outlines exactly what products you are using and any warranty information that your client may want down the road. For commercial installations we recommend that you Investigate any performance requirements – such as ANSI and ASTM standards – and ensure that the products you include in your bid meet them.

3. Document scope creep: If job conditions cause your costs – whether in labor or material – to exceed those documented in your SOW, document them. Take advantage of cell phone pictures with time stamps. Record aspects of the job as they are completed.

Often, tile and flooring installers are the last contractors on a job site. This means they may be responsible for clean up. Include this in your contractor bid so that you don’t end up spending time on something you aren’t getting paid for.

4. Manage product carefully: To cut down on job site waste, only send out as much product as can be used in one day. Although this may increase coordination time, it will help prevent wasting product – and money.

5. Sell value: You cannot sell your work on price alone. Investing in certifications and training and referencing them during the bid process will help you sell the value of your work.

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Avalon Flooring Nuheat Mat

Nuheat Floor Heating Systems

Have you ever installed underfloor heating?


If so, you may be familiar with a loose cable that you configure on-site or a mesh product that is rolled out, cut and flipped to cover the area to be heated. We want to tell you about the easiest way to heat your floors, guaranteeing even heat coverage with no mess every single time. We are talking about Nuheat Mat, an electric radiant floor heating solution available in over 70 standard sizes or custom built to order to fit any space.


Nuheat Mats are built like an electric blanket that is only 1/8 of an inch thick, great for renovations to keep a low floor profile. This electric heating system warms tile, stone and laminate engineered wood floors in 120V or 240V options. For basic square and rectangle shaped rooms simply pick up a Nuheat standard mat or combination of multiple standard mats right off the shelf, in stock at Avalon Flooring. For rooms with angles and curves a Nuheat Custom Mat can be built to the exact specification in 3 days plus shipping. For a custom mat simply sketch up the room with all dimensions including where you would like the cold leads for the thermostat and bring it to Avalon Flooring.

This heating resolution eliminates the majority of time and labor associated with installing an evenly heated floor. Installation is a quick three step process, with a notched trowel spread a thin layer of thinset onto your sub-floor, lay down the mat, and apply one more scratch coat of thinset on top; you can then install your tile the same day! Nuheat mats are UL certified with a 25-year warranty, and can even be used in wet applications such as showers and benches. The standard and custom mats are energy efficient, producing 12 watts per square foot and cover 41 BTUs per square foot.

Quick 3 step installation.
Quick 3 step installation.

Nuheat is most commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens, but are increasingly popular in living rooms, cold basements and even counter-tops. Stop in at any Avalon location to check out the product and ask any questions, we look forward to heating up your next project with the ultimate solution to underfloor heating!