Introducing The ProPartner Insider Newsletter

Stay in the know regarding industry info, new products, and exclusive promos

The Avalon Flooring ProPartner program offers a wide range of exclusive benefits and features designed to help our builders and contractors save time, save money, and in the end grow their business. To encourage that growth we’ve launched the ProPartner Insider Newsletter to share industry info, new products, and exclusive promos.

Industry News

We’ll be posting the latest flooring and installation industry news regularly to the ProPartner Insider Newsletter. If we know a new trend, industry standard, or installation tip that could help you, we’ll share it. The next time Avalon hosts a VIP Event, Workshop, or Certification Class you’ll be the first to know. We want to help you stay on top of your game.

New Products

Professional flooring installers never want their customers to know about a new product before they do. That’s why we’ll be writing about the latest installation products, new flooring product lines, new tile trends, or bathroom accessories. You’re the expert; so let’s keep it that way.

Save Money & Grow Your Business

Finally, to grow your business you need to save some money, so the insider newsletter will be the place to hear about ProPartner exclusive promos. We’re currently reviewing our product line to see what offers we can pass on to our most dedicated builders and contractors.

When we add new articles you’ll receive an email, so keep an eye out for updates throughout the year. ProPartners, this year, let us help you grow your business.