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Carpet Pre-Installation Guide

What to Expect During Carpet Installation

As with any flooring project, carpet installation is considered a construction project. When you’re preparing your home, be advised that there is the potential for noise, dust, and material odors during the installation process. While it typically takes one to two days to install your new carpet, there will be a short period of time that you are asked to refrain from using the space, so it is advised that you plan accordingly.

Before the Installation Process

Once our warehouse receives your order, an installation manager will call you to schedule the installation of your new carpet.

During the ordering process, the estimator who visited your home will have already discussed the installation process, including the layout of your new floor, and the removal of your existing floor, if needed. The estimator will also review how to make the installation process smooth and efficient, including the following tips:

  • If you’re remodeling more than your floor, all other construction projects should be completed.
  • Remove all furniture from the construction area as agreed upon with the estimator prior to the arrival of our installers.
  • Remove all small personal items, electronics and breakables from the tops of furniture and from closets where the new flooring will be installed.
  • Ensure that your home has an operational HVAC unit(s) before, during, and after installation.
  • Be sure to raise questions and concerns about the subfloor, timing and finishing/trim before the installation starts so we can address these issues and plan accordingly.

Our installers occasionally discover unforeseen issues or damage once we remove existing flooring. In such cases, the estimator/installer will review any issues and adjust pricing for any additional work/repairs that may need to be done.

Special Considerations

Stair Runners/Steps

  • It is important to note that pattern carpet/runners will not line up the same way on each step, unless extra carpet is ordered to specifically do so.
  • Not all stair cases are squared and true which means the pattern may drift from side to side and not give you the appearance you had hoped.
  • There are two installation methods to consider when installing stair runners:
    • 1) WATERFALL: This means the carpet will extend over the step nose and fall at an “angle” to the next tread. This type of installation creates a visible gap. If your steps have any decorative trim installed under the nose of the step, this would be the recommended installation method.
    • 2) CAP/BAND: This means the carpet will extend over the step nose and be tacked under the nose.
  • It is recommended that you review your choices with the estimator prior to installation. Once the carpet is installed on the step it cannot be changed. Also, carpet installed on steps is not covered by manufacturer’s warranties.

Woven/Flatweave Carpets

  • These types of carpets require special care including some that cannot be vacuumed using a traditional beater bar vacuum.
  • Seams in this type of carpet tend to be very noticeable and sometimes can not have cross seams or be seamed at all.
  • Your estimator will review the selection with you and seam placement to ensure that it meets your needs.

IMPORTANT TIP: Carpets will vary in color and shade, especially when exposed to natural lighting.

During the Installation Process

We strongly recommend that you’re home when the installers first arrive. This allows the installers to review the materials with you and confirm the installation area and address any questions regarding carpet placement, seams, or furniture. Also, the direction of patterned carpets should be reviewed and confirmed prior to the installation.

After reviewing the specifics with you, the installers will move furniture and remove old flooring material as agreed upon. Then, the transformation begins! The installation team will lay the carpet pad first and then lay your new carpet.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an invisible seam. The lighting and style of a carpet has an impact on seam visibility, but the estimator/installers will lay the product in a way that doesn’t interfere with the overall look. Also, you may notice the carpet appears a bit different in color texture from being rolled up. Your new carpet will “relax” once installed and vacuumed a few times.

After the Installation Process

Once the installers finish installing your new carpet, they will clean up and remove all work-related debris and vacuum the space and begin moving the furniture back into the space. Please remember, this is the first time our installers have been in your home and they will do their best to put all the furniture back in their proper locations. Lastly, they will ask you to walk through the job with them to make sure all work is completed to your satisfaction.

Care and Maintenance Considerations

  • It is important to note that as with any fiber (think about clothing), your new carpet may still have loose fiber pieces, sprouts, and even fuzz. It is recommended that you vacuum your new carpet a few times to remove them completely.
  • Another thing to consider is that the carpet and/or pad may have “new carpet odor,” which typically dissipates in a few days. The odors impact everyone differently, so you may wish to open windows and doors to help reduce the “new carpet odor” as needed.

For additional information read our care & maintenance guide.

Your Investment
is Protected

A 3 year installation warranty is included when you choose Avalon Flooring to install your products.

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