All About Bullnose Tile

When trying to learn more about home renovations, you’re bound to come across those bullnose tiles at some point in your research. You may even have them in your home already—and not even realize it!

What is Bullnose Tile?

Simply put, bullnose tile is a trim that’s used to provide a smooth, finished edge to your tile layout. This eliminates sharper angles and unfinished tile sides on your floor or wall. This makes bullnose tile a good safety solution—and also helps elevate the look of your renovation project!

Now let’s get into the different types of bullnose tile to choose from.

Types of Bullnose Tile

Bullnose tiles are a very popular type of tile that’s used in various applications. They’re designed to help give you a finished edge when you’re installing tile not just on the floor. Bullnose tile trim comes in many different styles and options to fit your needs. Here are some of the different styles that you can get bullnose tile in.

Rectangular Bullnose Tile

bullnose tile
Photo courtesy of Pratt & Larson

This shape is one of the most common types of bullnose trim. The measurement that you’ll see most often is about 3×13 inches. This type provides you with a nice way to outline your field of tile (whether it’s your counter top, backsplash, etc.) with as few pieces of possible. It also provides you with many different colors and styles since it’s the most commonly used type. So, it’s definitely an ideal choice for the finishing touch of your tile project!

Square Bullnose Tile

bullnose tile
Photo courtesy of Daltile

Another common type of trim is the square bullnose. The usual measurements of it are usually 4×4 inches or even 6×6 inches. Because of this shape and these measurements, it’s most likely seen with smaller-sized main tiles. But it definitely adds a very unique look to your project, since the last piece has the appearance of a rounded edge.

Corner Bullnose Tile

bullnose tile
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The last very common type is the corner bullnose, which can be used in a variety of applications. It’s usually seen in a backsplash area or any type of feature wall design. This type of bullnose is a piece of tile that has two rounded edges instead of just the standard one edge like the rectangular bullnose. The extra edge gives your main tile a nice and clean finishing touch.

Where to Use Bullnose Tile Trim

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A bullnose tile can be used for many purposes:

-Corners: Bathtubs, countertops, niches or steps—radius bullnose tiles can be used to cover the edges of almost everything. Not only is this great from a design standpoint, you can also feel safer and more comfortable in your own kitchen or bathroom.

-Walls: Oftentimes, when installing a backsplash, the line between the tiled area and the wall is much too visible and looks like the work has never been completed. However, using matching bullnose tiles fixes the impression by adding a nice finishing touch.

-Floors: Bullnose tiles are great to use on the joint where the wall meets the floor. They blend in with the overall design well. Additionally, you’ll get another layer of protection against water that may leak into that line if the tiles aren’t properly installed.

-Decoration: Bullnose tiles of a beautiful contrasting color or pattern (or just a nice matching color) are often used as an additional decorative element, for example, for a beautiful accent wall.

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Measuring for Bullnose Tile

When it comes to bullnose, if you didn’t order it when you placed your main tile order, you might need find bullnose tiles that are from a separate line than your main tiles. And of course, then the question of doing the right calculations pops up immediately. If you’re not sure how to know which method to use, or size for the bullnose tile you need, follow these helpful tips:

  • When doing the main tiling work, make some notes and sketches along the way to mark the places you’ll need a bullnose tile for.
  • Measure the length of the tiled area (for example, a backsplash) where the unfinished lines are.
  • Now that you know the length, you can calculate how many bullnose tiles you need. For instance, if the bullnose is 12 inches long, you are going to need a tile per each foot of the length.

Bullnose tiles are a great option for finishing your tile design and hiding rough edges. They also work to protect corners, and they function well when used as a baseboard or decorative trim. When planning your tile project, don’t forget to include this tile type to finish the look!

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Bullnose tiles will blend in with any design. They give that instantly visible finishing touch, create a smooth transition and make your home more comfortable and safer—go for it!

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