All About Ledger Stone

For adding warmth and character to both inside and outside your home, there’s nothing like stacked ledger stone. The look is natural and charming, but many people seem unclear about what exactly it is. Is it real stone, or something else? Let’s get into all the details about ledger stone!

What is Ledger Stone?

Ledger stone looks like real stone and sometimes it is made from pieces of natural stone. Today, ledger stone is usually made from a mixture of concrete, stone and iron-oxide pigments blended together in molds that are produced from the contours of real stones. And by vibrating those molds during the manufacturing process, the final product is infused with color that runs throughout.

Ledger stone also goes by different names like stone veneers, stone ledger panels and stacked stone.

Pros of Ledger Stone


Ledger stone comes in many sizes, shapes and colors. When compared to the limited choices of natural stone, it offers a greater versatility with almost any shape and color you might want to go with your home’s décor style.

Lightweight & Affordable

Because of the ingredients used to make ledger stone, stone ledger panels are lighter and easier to produce than real stone, which makes you and your wallet happy. Also, it being lightweight gives you more options as to where and how you want it installed.


As long as your ledger stone is used, installed and maintained correctly, you will enjoy it for a very long time.


The only downfall to stone ledger panels is one that is easy to take care of—it’s not best to install yourself. While ledger stone is lighter than natural stone, it’s still heavier than ceramic and porcelain tile. So, the installation might need special materials and is recommended to have professional hands install it so it can last a very long time.

Ways to Use Ledger Stone in Your Home

Usually when we think of ledger stone, the one thing that we think of is a fireplace. But today, there are more ways to use it in your home, no matter what style you’re going for!


 Ok, we’ll go ahead and get this one out of the way because it’s always a good choice.

Landscape 6×24 Natural Stone Ledger Panel available at Avalon Flooring

Warm up your living room with a stone fireplace. Nothing’s cozier that sitting next to a stylish ledger stone fireplace on a cold, winter day.


Landscape 4.5×16 Natural Stone Ledger Panel available at Avalon Flooring

Stacked stone backsplash tiles add sizzle to any kitchen. Thinking about adding a section of backsplash behind your stove? Interior stone veneer may be just the way to go. Use a variety of vivid shades to add contrast to your current kitchen color palette and create a gorgeous stacked stone backsplash.


Landscape 6×24 Natural Stone Ledger Panel available at Avalon Flooring

The dramatic texture of ledger stone will create an immediate focal point in the bathroom.

Outdoor Firepit

Make your outdoor living space warm and cozy with a stone fire pit. Make evening entertaining a lot more fun by decking out your outdoor fire pit with ledger stone.


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Ledger stone columns are a great way to bring the outdoors inside while also making the space feel warm.

Accent Wall

Rustic Cladding Golden Slate ledger stone collection available at Avalon Flooring

Add character to any room with a ledger stone wall. Whether you have a blank wall in your bedroom or living area, consider filling it with ledger stone. The neutral tones will subtly make a difference in your space.

How to Clean and Care for Ledger Stone

Once installed, ledger stone is easy to care for because it’s used on vertical surfaces. Nobody eats on it or walks on it so, it gets a lot less wear and tear. The ledges that extend out can hold the same dust as an average windowsill. A handheld vacuum or a duster that traps the dust instead of spreading it around would be best to use.

When cleaning ledger stone more thoroughly, just make sure to avoid cleaning products with bleach or acid because these can damage your stone. A neutral stone cleaner with a pH of seven or eight should be fine. Just spray, wipe with a cloth or towel and give it about two hours to dry. You don’t have to do this one a week; just as needed, especially if it’s around the fireplace or in the kitchen.

In order to maintain the stone’s luster, it’s recommended that you seal it yourself or get it sealed professionally every year or so. But, before sealing, make sure you get rid of any access dirt or debris by giving the stone a quick brushing. Next, scrub the stone with a mixture of warm water and natural stone cleaner. Rinse, wipe away excess water, allow the surface to air dry for a minimum of two hours before applying the sealant.

So, we think it’s safe to say that no matter where or how you use ledger stone, you can be confident that they will stand the test of time. The warmth and character of natural stone never goes out of style.

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