Best Carpet for Kids’ Playrooms

When thinking about a children’s playroom, carpet immediately comes to mind. It’s a soft and comfortable option for a space where your kids will likely be crawling, sitting, and playing on the floor most of the time. But not all carpets are the right choice for your playroom area. Luckily, there are a number of kid-friendly carpet options out there that can make the play area both safe and stylish. What are the qualities you should look for in a carpet when redesigning your children’s playroom? We’re breaking it down! 


Look for Stain-Resistant Playroom Carpet

If we’re being honest here, kids can be pretty messy. Whether there is a chance of your kids trekking mud into the playroom or spilling their juice on the floor, you need a carpet that can stand up to playtime. Many family-friendly carpet options are made of nylon or polyester, synthetic materials that are relatively stain-resistant and very easy to clean. 

Find Your Comfort Family Friendly Carpet in Need a Hug, available at Avalon Flooring

Style and Carpet Pile for the Playroom

Finding the right pile for your playroom carpet is also important. Traditionally plush carpets and shag carpets may not be the best option for a high-traffic space where kids will be running around. Loop carpet styles, like berber, may also be tricky, as they can snag easily from toys or playtime and create visible pulls in the carpet.

Dynamic Display Family Friendly Carpet in Camellia, available at Avalon Flooring

But you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and luxury for durability! There are many carpet options that give warmth and a luxurious feel while still resisting stains and holding up well to foot traffic. Thick textures with either long crimped yarns or a cut-and-loop design are great options for balancing aesthetics and durability in your kids’ playroom.

Reflection Mosaic Family Friendly Carpet Square
Mosaic Family Friendly Carpet in Reflection, available at Avalon Flooring


Pick Your Kids’ Playroom Carpet Color!

Picking out a color for the playroom carpet should be fun and complement the overall look of the space. When evaluating carpet color options, you may want to consider a multicolor texture. This will help hide any imperfections, and it can also create a dynamic look for the space.

Platinum Terra Linda Family Friendly Carpet Square
Terra Linda Family Friendly Carpet in Platinum, available at Avalon Flooring


Ready to design your kids’ playroom? Check out our full selection of family-friendly carpet and stop by one of our showrooms for more advice!