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With so many great patio materials to choose from (i.e. Concrete, Pavers, Outdoor Tile and more!) deciding on one or two of them can pose as a big dilemma. If you already have an idea on the specific layout you want, the budget you are willing to spend, and the needs you want to meet, the patio of your dreams is just a few steps away.  If tile is on your short list of materials for the outdoor patio or porch of your dreams, we have a few helpful tips to make sure your new space is functional and safe!

Stacked Stone Porcelain Tile in Petra Gris


Outdoor ceramic tile is usually not durable enough to withstand the effects of nature because it absorbs too much water. And since, we live in an area that experiences freezing temperatures, the tile will likely crack on the first freezing night.

Conventional wisdom has been to keep porcelains away from the outside for many of the same reasons, but we’re now seeing more and more porcelains that have been created specifically for exterior use. So if you are considering installing exterior floor tiles, always look for an outdoor porcelain tile – to be clear, one that is expressly designated for outdoor areas.



1. Porcelain is Frostproof
Without getting too technical here, the science behind this statement is fairly simple. Porcelain tiles are “impervious”. (They don’t absorb water). So there is no opportunity in a February Nor’easter for them to absorb the water, freeze, expand, and then crack.

2. Porcelain Requires Minimal Maintenance
Porcelain tiles are non-porous and stain-proof. The occasional sweeping of your patio and rinse off  with some warm soapy water is the maximum effort needed to maintain your space.

3. Porcelain Tiles are Fade & Scratch Resistant
One of the main advantages of porcelain tile is its durability. It is much denser than standard ceramic tile as it is fired at higher temperatures and made from more refined clay.This makes them tremendously hard and resistant to scratching.

4. Porcelain Tiles Can Be Produced with Non-Slip Textures 
This means they can be used safely in wet areas, a trait which makes them good outdoor tiles!

Revolve Porcelain Tile in Avorio

5. Porcelain Tiles Can Blend Indoor & Outdoor Living
Using your outdoors as an extension of your living area is a great way to create a seamless look between the outdoors and in. So don’t be afraid to use the same tiles in the kitchen and out the sliding door to the patio to make the space seem larger and ultimately create a sense of flow through the space.

*Please note that the porcelain tile you choose should expressly be designated for outdoor areas

Perfect Pebble Natural Stone in Birds Egg Blend

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