How To Choose the Right Carpet

Are you wondering how to choose the right carpet? With so many different types and colors, choosing the right carpet can be a big task – but, with our carpet buying guide, finding the right carpet has never been easier. Carpet provides warmth and comfort as well as beauty and style, all while improving indoor air quality! That being said, carpet has a tough job to do as it gets walked on, sat on, and played on. So when shopping for the perfect carpet for your space it’s important to remember that there is no right or wrong answer. It’s completely dependent on your lifestyle, the use of the space and what you want the overall style to be. Here are a few things to think about when making your decision:

One of the most important things to consider when choosing carpet is what types of traffic and activity will occur in the room. Will there be a lot of people walking back and forth across the carpet? Will children or many people be in that room a lot? Make sure you discuss this with your designer or one of our sales experts so they can lead you to options that won’t disappoint.

colored carpets available at Avalon Flooring
Choosing the right carpet color depends on the look you want to achieve in your home. Carpet can be basic colors (tans, off-white, grey) that simply fade into the background or they can be bold designs or colors (like red, blue or dark grey) that act as a focal point. Light carpet colors, depending on the shade, can hide almost anything. (But remember, just because you can’t see dirt spots, doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.) The best carpet to buy is therefore the one that matches the aesthetic you’re looking to create.

How to Choose the Right Carpet Style

Besides picking a color that’s going to match the style and personality of your room, take into major consideration the style of carpet you choose.


Mohawk Plush carpeting available at Avalon Flooring

Plush carpet is one of the most popular styles when choosing carpet. Well-constructed and durable, plush carpeting features a denser weave made from either organic or a blend of fibers. The result is a soft carpet that is a cozy covering for any room in your home.

Loop or Berber

Shaw Loop carpet available at Avalon Flooring

“Loop” describes how the yarn is and fastened to the backing of a carpet. Berber carpeting is a type of loop carpeting that features large, uncut loops varying in size. This style usually has different loop heights to create unique pattern effects. The fibers are usually nylon or wool, and come in natural, earthy tones.


Shaw Patterned carpet available at Avalon Flooring

Patterned carpeting is a combination of both cut and looped fibers, creating limitless options for textures and designs. The varied pile levels create patterns and add definition to any room.


Mohawk Frieze carpet available at Avalon Flooring

Frieze carpeting features long fibers with more twists and a crimped textured appearance. The twisted strands of a frieze carpet help hide footprints and vacuum marks but also gives a room a more casual look.

So, now that you know how to choose carpet – don’t forget about a very important addition – carpet padding. The pad keeps the underside of your carpet from wearing against the bare floor. It also helps the impact of heavy furniture and foot traffic.

Now you’ve got the perfect carpet and carpet padding for your space. But how do you keep it clean and looking fresh? Here are some helpful tips:

Regularly vacuum: Rooms that are considered to be high traffic should be vacuumed at least 2 to 3 times a week. This keeps the material from becoming worn down by dirt and foot traffic and ensures a clean and new look every time.

Clean spots and spills immediately: Not only will a quick clean reduce the rate of absorption, but it also helps reduce the bacteria and other problems associated with a spill.

Furniture: Consider cleaning your furniture anytime you go to clean your carpet. Furniture can also entrap unwanted dirt or dust particles and can work to hinder your efforts at keeping your carpet clean.

Choosing carpet can be a pretty weighty decision. If you consider these tips and take your time when carpet shopping, you will be able to make a decision you’ll be happy with for years to come!


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