Latest Trends on Bohemian Home Design

There are no rules when it comes to Bohemian design! Bohemian is the house trend for all the free spirits out there. If you want a home filled with rich colors, pieces you absolutely adore, and space truly your own, a bohemian house design might be right for you. The best part of the Bohemian trend is that there are no real “rules”, you can go all in or you can be subtle. You can do whatever you want because this style is all about the individual and creating a space unique to them!

Fun with patterns

Boho style rooms are rooms filled with rich colors and fun patterns. If you want a bohemian interior design house one of the easiest rooms to start with is the living room. The living room is where you are going to spend the most amount of time so it’s the easiest to fill with things you love. This is an area where you can also experiment with some fun patterns to make a base for your entire living room. Vintage patterns tend to work best for floors or accent walls to create a bohemian style interior design.

Iron Filigree Sheet Vinyl
Filigree Sheet Vinyl in Iron

 If you don’t want to commit to an entire floor or wall of patterns, area rugs can offer a boho design style and are also a great form of accessorizing a boho chic room.

Layla Area Rug in Spice/Marine

Muted or neutral Base

 We know what you’re probably thinking, we just spoke about fun patterns and now we are talking about muted or neutral bases for a boho chic design, how does that make sense?  There are no set “rules” for Boho chic interior design but there are some very helpful style guidelines. Pairing a muted or neutral base with some fun pattern accents makes for a stunning bohemian interior design without the risk of it being overwhelming. A neutral base is perfect for those just starting their bohemian interior design journey as it makes the bold colors, pattern accents and boho accessories stand out more while still pairing nicely with the base.

Oxalis Rose CostaHex 6″ Hexagon Porcelain Tile Kitchen Wall
CostaHex 6″ Hexagon Porcelain Tile in Oxalis Rose

Texture, Texture, Texture!

Texture creates interest and adds dimension to a boho style room. A crocheted lamp fixture or a macrame plant holder is a great way to add some texture to a bohemian house design. Tapestries create amazing texture and double as a cool way to add some bold colors and patterns. Vintage furniture often has unique textures that fit the boho chic design. 

Jocelyn Area Rug in Rose

Don’t Forget About the Lighting

Lighting covers the style of lamps to the window treatments and how much light filters into each room. Like we mentioned above, lamps and overhead lighting fixtures with texture really complement a boho chic interior design. Lighting is vital to a boho style room and for this style trend, we suggest soft lighting or dim lighting give a room more of a calming vibe. Window drapes are great as well because they add more texture and are a great way to block out sun rays when you just want to be cozy in your boho style living room or bedroom. Earthy tones in the drapes compliment bohemian interior design nicely. 

Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Side Panels on Dining Room Windows
Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Side Panels

Love Your Space

Don’t forget the most important thing about the Bohemian trend is YOU! This trend is all about mixing and matching pieces you love to make a cohesive look. It’s a house trend that signifies a reflection of its owner. It’s about creating a happy place inside your home filled with rich colors, fun textures and patterns you love.