The Toughest Carpet Around: Mohawk SmartStrand

You think you’ve got a tough crowd at home? Most parents are worried about putting carpeting in places that will get a lot of traffic, or places where kids hang out. Well, we have some good news for you.

Carpets today are built with real families in mind. So, bring on the young kids, family pets and holiday get togethers. Because today’s carpet technology is built to withstand all the traffic and all the mess, like in Mohawk’s SmartStrand Forever Clean.

History of SmartStrand Forever Clean Carpet

A decade ago, Mohawk introduced SmartStrand to the market as an alternative to traditional carpets. People embraced SmartStrand carpet; its durability, stain-resistance and cleanability quickly made it a popular choice. In fact, SmartStrand has since been installed into more than 7 million homes nationwide and has been rated #1 in customer satisfaction.

Over the years, Mohawk has put SmartStrand through some extreme challenges to test its durability, from a 2,800-lb. rhino to the nation’s messiest kids, a bombardment of stains and even the Puppy Bowl. They even put it to the ultimate test by pitting it against the Tough Mudder—one of the toughest, muddiest challenges in the world – putting it directly on the course where it was trampled on by over 10,000 muddy competitors.

Throughout all of those challenges, SmartStrand rose to the occasion, cleaning up beautifully, and proving to parents, pet owners and consumers everywhere that it’s the number one choice when it comes to carpeting.

As they approached their ten-year anniversary, Mohawk decided to make SmartStrand an even better carpet. They set out with the goal to make it the toughest, easiest-to-clean carpet on the planet. The impressive result? SmartStrand Forever Clean.

What is SmartStrand Forever Clean Carpet?

SmartStrand Forever Clean is constructed with a new nanotechnology that creates a no-spill protection barrier. The carpet offers dual protection at its core that prevents stains and spills from setting into the carpet. This makes it extra easy to wash away potential stains with just water or a mild detergent. Unlike other stain resistant carpeting, where the soil and stain resistance can wash away, SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet’s stain protection is built into every single fiber on the carpet for stain and soil protection. It’s also extremely soft and durable!

Why is SmartStrand Forever Clean a Great Carpet Choice?


SmartStrand Forever Clean is made with an innovative fiber, engineered to resist matting and crushing. This unique trait is built into the fiber at the molecular level and causes the fiber to bounce back, which helps the carpet maintain its beauty and appearance over time.


Forget getting on your hands and knees to scrub that accidental spill out of your carpet. Mohawk SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet releases up to three times more dirt than other carpets. While other carpet fibers absorb stains, Mohawk carpet fibers repel them. The end result is that your carpet cleaning duties just got a whole lot easier.


Photo courtesy of Mohawk Flooring

Core stain resistance is built into the fiber and will never wash or wear off. The stain and soil protection on other carpets is temporary and has to be reapplied when it wears or washes off. In fact, in an independent study, nylon carpet lost nearly 50% of its stain and soil protection after just three steam cleanings. That’s why other carpets become difficult to keep clean over time. SmartStrand Forever Clean reduces this problem, so you can enjoy 100% protection for life.


Everyone has spills and accidents. That’s why SmartStrand Forever Clean is such an amazing improvement upon traditional carpet. Liquid spills can lead to musty, dingy odors. But with SmartStrand Forever Clean, the filth has nowhere to hide. So, the clean-up is easy and the fiber stays pure.


Are you worried that you’ll have to sacrifice comfort for practicality when it comes to your carpet flooring? This isn’t the case with SmartStrand Forever Clean. It’s composed of silk-like fibers that have a luxurious feel while remaining springy and durable for much longer than similar products made from nylon fibers.

Sustainable and Chemical Free

SmartStrand Forever Clean is made with Dupont Sorona, which is OEKO-TEX certified free from harmful substances. It’s good to know you can have the beauty, softness and durability you desire in a carpet without compromising the beautiful earth around us.

Another great thing about Forever Clean nanotechnology is that it’s free of any chemicals. Additionally, as SmartStrand can be cleaned using only water, no chemicals need to be used in its cleaning.


Photo courtesy of Mohawk Flooring

Do you get anxious every time you let your cat or dog in the house? Normal carpets are vulnerable to the many stains and smells that are part of life when you have a household pet. However, Mohawk carpet is designed to be pet-proof. Not only are the SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet fibers designed for the ultimate stain-resistance, but they also have 0% moisture absorption, so pet odors won’t get locked into your carpet.

If after all these helpful details, you still need more convincing that Mohawk SmartStrand Forever Clean is the right carpet for your home, stop by one of our locations and talk to one of our talented design experts!

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