Single vs. Double Bathroom Vanity

Double bathroom vanities – vanities with two sinks instead of one – are a popular trend for master bathrooms. If you’re renovating your bathroom, you may be thinking whether the trend is worth it or whether a single bathroom vanity might be a better fit. Both vanity styles are great options depending on the overall design of your space, so we’ve put together our recommendations for how to choose between a single or double-sink vanity for your bathroom.


Benefits of a Double Vanity

Installing a double-sink vanity in your bathroom can definitely help save you and your partner time, allowing you both to use your respective sinks at the same time. For larger bathrooms where there is ample space, a double vanity can also add counter space, making it easy for you and your partner to have designated storage areas.

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Does a Double Vanity Add Value to Your Bathroom?

Another added benefit of installing a double vanity in your bathroom is the positive impact it can have on the overall value of your home. If there’s a possibility that you may sell your home at some point down the line, having a double-sink vanity setup in the bathroom can boost your home’s worth.


Benefits of Single-Sink Bathroom Vanities

The classic single vanity is a great choice for many bathroom designs and is often available in a variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary.


Single Vanities Are Ideal for Smaller Bathrooms

Of course, the main question of whether to install a single or double vanity comes down to the actual size of your bathroom. In order to install a double vanity, you need to make sure that such a vanity not only would fit your space, but that it fits in such a way that doesn’t overcrowd the bathroom. Regardless of your bathroom’s dimensions, you still want it to be a relaxing and peaceful space. Single-sink bathroom vanities are a great option for a beautiful bathroom vanity that fits perfectly in a smaller space.

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Single Vanities Maximize Storage Space in Midsize Bathrooms

Selecting a single-sink vanity can also give you additional counter space and drawer storage, depending on the dimensions and design. While the largest double vanities have increased counter space, the extra sink in a midsize double vanity will take away from the overall surface area of the counter. Adding the extra sink may also take functional drawer space from the vanity in order to account for the sink’s plumbing. If you are aiming for a midsize vanity, a single-sink option may be the best way to go.

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