LVT Bathroom Flooring | Luxury Vinyl Tile Bathroom

Luxury Vinyl Tile for Your Bathroom

If you’re looking for a luxurious bathroom design that is still durable and functional, look no further than luxury vinyl tile. Luxury vinyl tile (or LVT) flooring is a type of vinyl tile made to look like hardwood or stone, but with added functionality at a lower price. Learn more about luxury vinyl tile in our blog.

LVT flooring is a great choice for many rooms in your home, but it works particularly well in the bathroom. Luxury vinyl tile adds a number of benefits to your bathroom, from its sophisticated look to its durability. Read on to learn why you should consider installing LVT flooring in your bathroom!

LVT Flooring is Durable and Waterproof

Luxury vinyl tile is highly durable. Its top clear layer protects LVT from damage, including damage from water and moisture. This water-resistance makes luxury vinyl tile an ideal selection for your bathroom! If you want the look of hardwood flooring in your bathroom without worrying about water damage, LVT is the way to go. 

Corsica COREtec Stone 6×48 Vinyl Tile Bathroom Flooring
COREtec Stone 6×48 Vinyl Tile in Corsica

The top layer also makes LVT quite easy to clean and maintain. Luxury vinyl tile that looks like natural stone has a particular cleaning benefit over natural stone tile – with LVT, you don’t need to worry about cleaning grout between tiles. 

Pellonia COREtec Stone 18×36 Vinyl Tile Bathroom Flooring
COREtec Stone 18×36 Vinyl Tile in Pellonia

LVT flooring is also easier to install than both hardwood and natural stone tile, giving you a quicker and less expensive installation process.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Bathroom Aesthetics

Luxury vinyl tiles are printed with designs offering every depth, texture, pattern, and color you could imagine for your bathroom. Create a serene and sophisticated aesthetic with wood-look LVT, or a more traditional bathroom design with LVT that looks like natural stone.

Luxury vinyl tiles can even be used on bathroom walls and within showers to create a truly unique look for your space, at a much lower cost than ceramic or porcelain tiles.

Different LVT Bathroom Designs

Check out a few of our favorite luxury vinyl tile designs for the bathroom.

Want a look that helps bring the beauty of nature to your bathroom? Consider natural stone LVT woven with multiple colors.

Topaz Corinthia Adura® Flex 18×18 Vinyl Tile Bathroom Flooring
Corinthia Adura® Flex 18×18 Vinyl Tile in Topaz

Choose a soft color combination in your LVT combined with bold accents for a glamorous look in your bathroom.

Quartz Vienna Adura® Rigid 12×24 Vinyl Tile Bathroom Flooring
Vienna Adura® Rigid 12×24 Vinyl Tile in Quartz

Create a modern look with dark luxury vinyl tile and a monochromatic color scheme.

Ready to select the perfect luxury vinyl tile for your bathroom? Visit an Avalon Flooring showroom today!