What to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Remodeling a kitchen is hard. There are a ton of decisions to be made and never enough time to make them! There’s a wide variety of things to consider that will affect your overall kitchen, which of course can and will feel overwhelming. And while one of the design details that you expect to take the least amount of time, actually is one you should spend a lot of time on. We’re talking about tile backsplashes. So, to help you out, and make sure you don’t miss anything, we put together the things you should always consider when choosing backsplash tile for your kitchen.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas on a Budget

Budget is one of the most important things to consider when choosing kitchen backsplash tile. Before you begin your backsplash adventure, it’s important to determine your budget. This will help you decide on the amount and type of tiles you’re able to buy.

Backsplash Space & Height

One of the most common backsplash mistakes that homeowners make is overlooking the height of the backsplash. This doesn’t only have an impact on your budget, but it can also make or break the aesthetic qualities of your kitchen. While there are no real set rules of how high the tiles should go, it’s important to make it as tall as necessary to fit your budget and the height of those who use the kitchen the most.

Color, Material & Shape of Your Backsplash Tile

Color is usually one of the first decisions you’ll make for your kitchen backsplash tile. You’ll need to decide if you want your backsplash to be colorful, or if you want to remain in the neutral zone. Although a colorful backsplash has immediate impact, a neutral backsplash can add just as much character to your space.

The material you choose for your backsplash is just as important as color. You’ll need to figure out which tile type will work best in your overall home design and environment. Once you know what your tiles should be made of, it’s time to think about how they should be shaped. You can go with classic squares or bricks, or branch out into unusual, whatever fits your style.

Kitchen Backsplash and Countertops

Your backsplash tile is always going to be right up against your countertops, so it is important to make sure the two materials and colors work well together. If you choose a colorful countertop material, you’ll want to choose a neutral tile color for your backsplash (but you can still go wild with pattern). If your countertops are neutral, choose tile that complements the texture and tone of the countertop material. You can even use the counter as the color palette for the backsplash as well. Pick up a color fleck from within the counter and use it as the primary or accent color for the tile backsplash to get a unified look.

Tying Your Backsplash into the Style & Theme of the Kitchen

It’s tempting to zero in on one aspect of your kitchen that you’d like your backsplash to coordinate with—your countertops, wall color, cabinets, etc., but it may help to hone in on the mood of the space instead and start from there. Create a backsplash theme that fits with the theme of the rest of the kitchen or home.

Care & Maintenance of Your Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Care and maintenance need to be considered when selecting a backsplash tile for your kitchen. Different materials come with higher levels of required upkeep and cleaning. Always consider the requirements of each type of material you’re looking at adding into your kitchen as a backsplash; for example:

  • Tiled backsplashes are connected with grout, which can collect dust and grime over time
  • Solid slabs can gather dirt in-between the seams
  • Natural stones don’t always react well with certain cooking products
  • Glass and stainless backsplashes require polishing

Other backsplashes may require a wipe-down while other need a thorough scrub, and these are all facts you will want to know as you evaluate backsplash options. It’s better to be completely informed of what you purchase, so it can help you plan out the future accordingly.

Your Kitchen Backsplash Tile’s Function

The decorative aspects of your kitchen backsplash may be the most exciting to think about, but it’s important to remember that it has to serve a real function in your kitchen: catching and deflecting splatters, splashes and other messes. If you have to spend all day polishing miles of grout, you’re going to regret your choice.

Get Kitchen Backsplash Tile Samples

Sample tiles are a must when you’re trying to make the final decision about your backsplash tiles. Come see your favorite options in-store, and take-home samples to see how the colors look against your countertops, cabinets and appliances. Whether you’re looking at ceramic tile, glass tile, natural stone or you can’t decide, seeing the tile in your kitchen lighting is the best way to know whether it’s right for you or not.

Now that you know all the important things to first consider, the fun shopping process can begin! To make it even better, check out our Kitchen inspirations page or stop by one of our locations to see all the beautiful kitchen backsplash tile options to choose from with one of our talented design experts!

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