Why Your Next Rug Should Be Wool

Fun fact: Wool is the most commonly used natural fiber for area rugs. And because it is, we’re going to give you the reasons why it should be your next kind of area rug. Let’s get started!

Reason #1: Wool Rugs Are Durable

Wool is highly durable and is considered the strongest, most resilient rug fiber choice. It has a natural elasticity, which means it can be stretched, twisted and bent quite a few times (20,000 times to be exact) before it breaks. This is because it has a lot of layered cuticles that can bend easily.

When compared to synthetic fibers like cotton (can only be bent 3,000 times before breaking) and rayon (can only be bent 75 times before breaking), it’s safe to say you’ll be walking on a wool area rug for a lifetime with no problem!

Reason #2: Wool Rugs Are Sustainable

Made with 100% wool fibers, wool area rugs are sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Wool is produced by sheep to help protect them from the cold winter. In the summer, however, sheep need their wool coats removed to prevent overheating and painful tangles. The supply of wool is therefore constantly replenished because the wool is harvested from sheep specially bred for the different types of wool they grow. These sheep grow their coats season after season.

Because wool is a natural fiber, this also means that your wool rug is recyclable after it’s served its purpose in your home, making it a truly natural and sustainable material.  By contrast, synthetic fibers are usually made from materials and processes that are not kind to the environment. These types of fibers (nylon, olefin, polyester, acrylic) are petroleum products (plastic)—and do not have the great look, feel or strength as wool does. If you’re looking for the choice that’s a better product, and also better for the planet, then wool is the clear winner here.

Reason #3: Wool Area Rugs Are Stain Resistant

Wool fibers are naturally moisture and stain resistant. That’s due to the natural coating of lanolin, which keeps stains and dirt from penetrating.

If liquid spills on a wool rug and you act quickly, it’s possible to avoid staining if the spill is blotted immediately. (Blotting with white towels/white paper towels prevents color transfer). Wool rugs are easy to maintain with regular vacuuming that prevents dirt particles from accumulating in rug fibers and causing premature wear.

Reason #4: Wool Rugs Are Flame Resistant

One feature of wool rugs that might surprise you is that they are flame resistant. They won’t melt or drip and will actually form a self-extinguishing car when burned. Because of this, wool is often the chosen material for fire fighters and soldiers who may be exposed to flames, as well as the choice material for airplane flooring. This natural flame retardant quality of wool makes it a great, safe choice for children’s rooms—and it will definitely give you peace of mind.

Reason #5: Wool Area Rugs Hold Color Beautifully

Wool area rugs come in a beautiful array of colors and patterns! Because of its natural properties, wool can absorb dye better than other threads which helps make more brilliant colors that last for a long time.

However, just like anything that’s dyed, the color may fade if it’s constantly exposed to direct sunlight. But even with that exposure, the fading should be minimal compared to other rug fabrics.

The bottom line is: wool rocks. It’s pretty clear to see that thanks to their durability, sustainability, beautiful colors and more, wool area rugs are the perfect choice for your home!

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