Farmhouse Home Design| Tips & Tricks

Farmhouse Style is one of the most popular design styles out there, and with it’s cohesive personalized look it’s no wonder why. Farmhouse chic is organized without being too structured and put together without being too mixy matchy. If you love the farmhouse look but don’t know where to start you’ve come to the right place! We are here to help you transform every room in your house with the perfect Farmhouse design! 

Wood Wood Wood! 

Farmhouse style is famous for its use of wood! Hardwood is the base for most farmhouse-style houses! Rich oak looks amazing in a farmhouse-style home and can easily pull an entire room together! 

Medium Red Oak Hardwood floors
New Opportunity 3 1/4″ Red Oak Hardwood in Natural

There are also some laminate and vinyl options that can create the same classic wood look for your farmhouse design if you don’t want to go with real hardwood. Wood-look vinyl and laminate give the same look as real hardwood but with easier upkeep.  

Tile wood look flooring
Riverwood 6×36 Wood Plank Tile in Walnut

Farmhouse Design Patterns

Don’t be afraid to play with patterns! A farmhouse-style house is not just wood with varying shades of linen, you can have a little fun too! Florals and patterns look amazing on Farmhouse-style kitchen backsplashes and they are a great pop of color in the kitchen. For more Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas you can go here.

Blue geometric patterned tile
Caprice 7 7/8 x 7 7/8 Patterned Tile

Farmhouse Lighting

Lighting is essential in any design style, but when working with a farmhouse-chic aesthetic, natural light completes the look. Window treatments are great for helping you achieve the bright airy feel that is essential in Farmhouse Design! We suggest choosing window treatments that allow for both privacy and light. 

Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Side Panels

Don’t forget that window treatments can also double as decor. Using shutters in your space is the perfect mix of style and functionality. Choosing a wood shutter that has a distressed look or a more natural wood color is ideal when achieving the farmhouse style. 

Hunter Douglas Heritance® Hardwood Shutters

Farmhouse Style vanities

A vanity with a farmhouse sink is the most obvious decor choice when designing a farmhouse bathroom. It’s one of the easiest decor items to transform your bathroom into a farmhouse haven.

Brantley 49″ Farmhouse Vanity in Walnut

If you have a smaller bathroom but still want the farmhouse look, this petite vanity will do the trick!

Cherie 24″ Vanity with Integrated Sink in Walnut

Farmhouse Accessories 

Accessories really complete the farmhouse-style home! There are so many cute and inspiring decor items out there, that it’s hard to choose just a few! A wooden table is an easy way to create a farmhouse aesthetic in the living room! A wood table also compliments wood floors.

Dark hardwood floors
Riverwood 6×36 Wood Plank Tile in Gunstock

Some farmhouse-inspired rugs can really pull together a family room into a cozy little haven. 

Georgia Area Rug

Area rugs can soften up a room and is a great way to customize this design trend to be all your own. Farmhouse-style area rugs are usually light in color to contrast the hardwood but there are no set “rules” for farmhouse area rugs! View our wide selection of area rugs and find one that matches your farmhouse space and personality!

Karavia Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug in 2061N