Large Tile Trend | Design with Large Floor and Wall Tiles

Don’t sleep on the large tile trend! Large-format tiles have been popular in commercial designs for quite some time but this trend is getting increasingly popular in residential design. Large tiles are defined as “any tile that has at least one edge greater than 15 inches.”  There are numerous reasons why this tile trend is gaining popularity with the main reason being the amazing design style it gives and the overall convenience.

Larger tiles mean fewer grout lines and a cleaner look. Design-wise, large tiles give a more aesthetically pleasing look as well. Combined with the fact that larger format tiles take less time to install as they cover more square footage, it’s no wonder why they are quickly gaining popularity among many designers & homeowners!

Large Flooring Tiles 

Choosing large format tiles for flooring creates a seamless look. There are many different tile designs out there and large format tiles give a design an extra oomph!

COREtec Stone 12×24 Vinyl Tile in Ashani

We especially love how large stone look tiles look in a home. Large-format tiles with a matching grout create a smooth sheet look despite being multiple tiles.

COREtec Stone 18×24 Vinyl Tile in Iona

Large Wall Tiles

If you want a beautiful accent wall or just a different look for your home, large wall tiles are something to consider! Larger tiles mean an overall larger surface for a pattern or design. Large tiles can create a unique cohesive look in your house. 

These tiles make great accent walls and decor pieces in your home.  The 3-D nature of these tiles adds incredible depth and dimension to a room, giving it a classic yet modern look.

Glacier 12×24 Matte Ceramic Wall Tile in White Wind

Large Tiles for Bathrooms

We are also seeing a number of people opting for larger tiles in kitchens and bathrooms. Besides being a beautiful aesthetic choice, larger tiles are easier to keep clean because they have fewer grout lines. The easier maintenance coupled with a stellar design makes designing with large tiles a no-brainer. 

Combining large floor and wall tiles can create a minimalist unique look for your bathroom.

Playa 12×24 Porcelain Tile in Navagio

We love how large tiles allow the design of a tile to really stand out and create an immersive atmosphere. 

Monte Carlo 24×48 Polished Porcelain Tile in Iconic Blue

Large tiles for a shower create a moment of luxury within the room. Paired with glass shower doors, large marble design tiles are increasingly popular. Not only do large shower tiles modernize a bathroom but they also make the room appear bigger. 

Calacatta 18×18 Marble

Large Tiles for Kitchens

Alternatively, the same thing can be said about large tiles in Kitchens. Larger tiles placed in your kitchen can drastically change the overall appearance of the space. The same immersive feeling can be felt when a large tile design is placed on both floor and wall. 

Playa 12×24 Porcelain Tile in Punalu

If the immersive look isn’t for you, take advantage of the seamless look large floors tiles obtain and go for a modern kitchen look. These bigger tiles will give you the neat and organized look that will put even Marie Kondu to shame!

Ziro 12×24 Rectified Glazed Porcelain Tile in Blanco

Large Tiles For Living Rooms & Dining Rooms 

Time to give your living room a much-needed update? Large-format tiles are an easy way to modernize your space! Not only do large tiles give you a design update but their seamless look makes your living room seem more open and fresh!

Monte Carlo 24×48 Polished Porcelain Tile in Stylish Taupe

Larger format tiles are especially handy if your house has an open floor plan to assist in the flow between rooms. They make the transition between the family room, dining room, and even kitchen naturally seamless.

Stone Concept 24×24 Porcelain Tile in Sabbia