Marble Tile Pattern Ideas

Marble is a highly flexible stone with which you can create designs and patterns of your choice. You can have the tiles cut in custom shapes and sizes. The design possibilities are unlimited. But if you like conventional designs, then let’s take a look at some of the popular patterns for marble floor tiles:

Herringbone Marble Tile Pattern

Arabescata Cararra Select 1×2 Herringbone Marble, available at Avalon Flooring

Herringbone is a beautiful marble tile pattern that looks ravishing in any space. It’s made with rectangular tiles. You can create variations of this pattern by using different shades in alternate rows or a dramatic combination of dark and light tiles.

Regular Marble Tile Pattern

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A regular pattern is the one in which big sized tiles are laid horizontally. This pattern is perfect for kitchens or rooms that need to look big and airy.

Brick Marble Tile Pattern

Arabescata Cararra Select 3×6 Marble, available at Avalon Flooring

A brick (or subway) layout is a perfect choice for a patio or a kitchen floor.

Repeating Marble Tile Pattern

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A repeating pattern can create either a simple checkered floor or it can become a dazzling design that can complement the furniture and artwork in your space. Repeating patterns can incorporate a combination of colors that look wonderful.

Marble Tile Bordered Floors

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An old classic marble floor tile design is a bordered floor. Different color or shade is used for the border which can either cover the whole room or be in the middle of the room covering a small section. Different sizes or shapes can be used for the border as well to make it more distinct. Hallways or entryways can be more defined if bordered with a dark colored marble.

Marble Mosaics and Medallions

Talya Rumi 48×48 Medallion Waterjet Natural Stone, available at Avalon Flooring

Mosaics and medallions are creative pieces that can express a person’s inner artistic soul. A medallion inlaid in the middle of a hall looks majestic. A beautiful mosaic or complex motif can easily put rugs to shame. Simple geometric design also looks amazing whether in multicolor or a combination of two colors. Creativity in such designs have no bounds.

3-D Effect Marble Tile

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The latest design that has taken the world by storm is the optical illusion floor or the 3-D floor. In this design, different colors or varying shades are used to add depth and dimension to a design—and the results are outstanding!

With all of the different patterns that you can install marble tile, it’s easy to understand why marble continues to be a popular material to creatively use in your home.

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