Top Carpet Flooring Trends of 2022

A beautiful carpet is universal and an easy way to warm up any room in your home. 2022 is looking to be a fun year in the interior design world as homeowners and designers embrace home individuality and the imperfect beauty of a more natural design. This change in the interior design world has not been impervious to carpets as there are a few new hot carpet trends making a splash in 2022. Check out the rest of our blog for the top 2022 carpet trends to watch out for. 

Trending Colors

An oldie but a goodie, neutral carpet is far from a boring choice. Homeowners and designers are flocking to neutral carpets for their versatility and timelessness. Neutral carpet enables a homeowner to continuously change home decor easily. Neutral colored carpets are offered in more earthy tones as well which has also been extremely popular in home design this year. 

neutral carpet
Crafted Embrace Family Friendly Carpet in Champagne Toast
Iced Mint Carpet
Oxford Street On-Trend Carpet in Iced Mint

Playing with Color 

Go bold or go home! Many homes are getting an individualistic twist in 2022 and carpet is not immune to this trend. Bold colors and patterns are popping up everywhere as homeowners continue to invest in their homes. Choosing a bold color or a bold pattern, like animal print for your carpet creates a tailored look for a space. 

Blue animal print carpet
Boteti On Trend Carpet in Aegean

Eco-Friendly Materials

It’s 2022 and an eco-friendly carpet is an option that not only looks good but is something you can feel good investing in. Wool and sisal carpets in particular have seen a resurgence for their natural and eco-friendly elements. 

Distressed abstract carpet
Jacquard Abstract On-Trend Carpet in Spring

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are everywhere this year, including carpets. Bold geometric patterns create dynamic interest in your floor and help create a cohesive tailored look. For those looking for a more subtle look, stripes are also making a resurgence in home design as cottagecore and farmhouse interior styles mix. 

Diamond Pattern Carpet
Aristocrat On Trend Carpet in Cascade
Basket Weave Carpet
Polished Structure On Trend Carpet in Sterling
neutral with black strip carpet
Jazabella On Trend Carpet in Indigo

Carpet Tiles 

Carpet tiles aren’t just for commercial spaces anymore. As we stated above, dynamic patterns are all the rage this year and carpet tiles are an easy and durable way to get the carpet “it” look of the year. Carpet tiles enable a homeowner to create a unique design in their home that can be swapped out throughout the years (for a new look or for durability purposes, replacing one carpet tile is easier than replacing an entire carpet). 

Commercial Modular Carpet Tiles
Commercial Modular Carpet Tiles


We are all about comfort this year and this is a trend we can all enjoy. Plush carpets are becoming increasingly more popular this year as designers continue to explore comfort over form. Leaning into the comfort and coziness of carpet, plush carpets take it to a new level. 

Plush neutral carpet
Chateau Fare On Trend Carpet in Blush