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Area rugs provide comfort, warmth and decorative interest in a room. And we have a full selection of rugs available to meet your design needs that are sourced from all over the world. Whether you are looking for something traditional, contemporary, casual or something custom made we have something for everyone. We'll help you find an area rug that fits your lifestyle, personality and home decor when you visit one of our showrooms, so come in today! And, if you want to browse a little before you come in, check out our online area rug finder that features some of our top selling collections.

area rug styles, uses and applications


Casual style area rugs are a combination of themes, patterns and colors that give a more relaxed feel and look to a space. These styles of rugs:

  • Are considered to have less structured patterns
  • May have solid or blended colors, unique weaves and soft textures
  • Are known to incorporate character with design elements like braided or shag appearances
  • Best uses Bedrooms, living rooms & entry ways
  • Pros Economical to buy & maintain
  • Considerations May wear over time
  • Price range $199 and up* (*prices vary by size)

Some homeowners worry that a patterned area rug will be too busy for a room. But if you remember that the pattern doesn't have to match everything in the room, you will be surprised at the number of options available to meet your design needs. Patterns are great for interior design because:

  • Pattern or print introduces a visual interest to your space
  • You can make a statement or remain subtle and subdued with patterned rugs that come in all styles, colors and sizes
  • These types of area rugs allow you to mix, match, and make it yours with the other design elements in the room like furniture, pillows and art
  • Best uses Any space you want to make a design statement
  • Pros Great way to introduce color to a space with neutral fixtures or paint colors
  • Considerations Trendy patterns may not appeal to all style preferences
  • Price range $199 and up* (*prices vary by size)

Modern, contemporary, and transitional area rugs are a great addition to a wide range of design styles and can help transform a space with ease. Here are a few differences between the styles:

  • Modern area rugs feature free-flowing designs or impressionistic feels and sometimes takes on an “Urban Chic” look.
  • Contemporary/Transitional can refer to any current design trend in rugs (i.e. abstract, geometrics and over-scaled designs or muted takes on Persian rugs) and typically shags and textured rugs fall into this category
  • Best uses Rooms with clean lines, industrial looks, or blended styles
  • Pros Unites decorative elements in any space
  • Considerations Higher end rugs are often considered investments
  • Price range $279 and up*(*prices vary by size)

Traditional area rugs are probably the first style you think of when talking about area rugs. It’s no wonder these beautiful pieces of art have transcended through the years and are still a popular choice amongst homeowners because:

  • They feature elaborate patterns, scrollwork and floral designs with a border
  • They are influenced by distinct regions across Asia and Europe
  • Many current styles use more modern, up to date color palette to create a 21st century color story in a classic pattern
  • Best uses Spaces with classic or vintage styles
  • Pros Adds visual appeal and color to a space
  • Considerations Intricate patterns may be hard to “match” with decor
  • Price range $199 and up* (*prices vary by size)

Semi-custom and custom area rugs are unique one-of-a-kind styles made to your specifications to complement your design, color concepts and space requirements. Homeowners are relying on semi-custom and custom options to find the perfect area rug for their space because:

  • Custom and semi-custom rugs are specially created by choosing from the manufacturer’s available patterns and colors
  • Depending on the rug materials chosen, you can often select the finishes that best suit your style too (binding, serging, fringing)
  • Choose the size and shape of your new rug that may not be considered “standard” and will fit your space better
  • Best uses Spaces that aren’t updated often
  • Pros Made to your specifications and style
  • Considerations Takes additional time & increases cost
  • Price range $489 and up* (*prices vary by size)

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