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Area Rugs: A simple way to update the look of any room

We carry a wide selection of traditional Persian and European style rugs, as well as a full selection of contemporary and casual rugs. We also offer you the possibility to have something custom made specifically to meet your style and dimensions.

We encourage you to use the product finder below to view our top-selling rugs and then come into a showroom near you to see our full selection of rugs from around the world.

Casual Area Rugs


Contemporary Area Rugs


Traditional Area Rugs


Semi-Custom Area Rugs

Semi-Custom Rugs

We’ll help you find an area rug that fits your lifestyle, personality and home décor. Our goal is to provide you with the textures, colors and patterns you desire.

Casual Area Rugs

Casual area rugs have less structured patterns, and they may have solid or blended colors, unique weaves and soft textures. Braided floor rugs are casual rugs that incorporate character. Casual rugs can be used to add a splash of color or lighten a room with dark furniture.

Traditional Wood Look Laminate

Modern Area Rugs

Modern, Contemporary and Transitional rugs add a touch of the trendy. Contemporary and Transitional can refer to any current design trend in rugs, such as abstract, geometrics and over-scaled designs or muted takes on Persian rugs. Shags and Textures also fit into this category. A more modern rug style might feature free-flowing designs or impressionistic feel. Modern rugs can also take on an Urban Chic look.

Traditional Wood Look Laminate

Traditional Area Rugs

The traditional rug features elaborate patterns, scrollwork, and floral designs with a border. A classic area rug may have European, Persian or Oriental influences. Traditional area rugs can infuse timeless elegance in any room. Many current styles of Traditional rugs are using more modern, up to date color pallet to create a 21st century color story in a classic pattern

Traditional Wood Look Laminate

Semi-Custom Rugs to Order

A semi-custom rug is specially created by the rug maker to coordinate with the characteristics of a space. A customer chooses from the manufacturer’s available patterns and colors. A preview image of the customized rug may be available before it is created.

Traditional Wood Look Laminate

Our flooring stores offer an exciting array of rugs in classic to contemporary styles. Home decorating is fun and inspiring when you experience Avalon’s range of services.

Area  Rugs: Knowing the right size can be tricky.
Area Rugs: Knowing the right size can be tricky.

Product Finder:

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Area Rugs: Knowing the right size can be tricky.
Area Rugs: Knowing the right size can be tricky.

Area Rugs:

Knowing the right rug size can be tricky!

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