Mosaic Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas | Mosaic Shower Tiles

Mosaic Tiles in the Bathroom

Mosaic tiles are a beautiful and versatile choice for your bathroom. Available in a wide variety of colors, textures, and shapes, mosaic tiles give you the freedom to create your perfect personalized bathroom aesthetic. Explore our guide to learn how you can make a statement with bathroom mosaic tiles for the floor, wall, and even for your shower!

Mosaic Tile Ideas for Your Bathroom

Mosaics are small tiles that are usually connected by a sheet to make installation easier. They form repeating patterns that can give your bathroom a very uniform or very dynamic look, depending on the material and color. For example, natural stone mosaic tiles can help create a natural aesthetic in your bathroom, while cool-toned glass tiles can create an atmosphere of serenity. Natural stone mosaic tiles are usually made of marble and have a smooth, flat finish. Mosaic tiles are also available in porcelain and ceramic, which include a variety of colors as well as flat and glossy finishes. 

While you may think of mosaics as the traditional octagon, mosaic bathroom tile is available in many shapes, including long thin rectangular tiles and creative lantern shapes.

Metro Lantern Mosaic Tile in Glossy Black
Magic Pattern Mosaic Natural Stone in Bergamo Polished
Arabescata Cararra Select 2″ Octagon Mosaic in Honed Marble

Mosaic tiles can be paired with other types of tile throughout the bathroom, either as a complement or as a distinct pop of color and texture.

Mosaic Bathroom Floor Tiles

Mosaic floor tiles are a great choice for smaller bathrooms since you can create a repeating pattern with less space. Porcelain mosaic tiles in particular are quite slip-resistant, moisture-resistant, and easy to clean – important considerations when selecting a tile option for your bathroom.

Bathroom with basketweave marble
Arabescata Cararra Select Basketweave Marble in Honed Marble

Mosaic Wall Tiles for the Bathroom

Use mosaic tile to create a stunning backsplash design above your sink and vanity. Mosaic tile backsplashes in your bathroom are also highly functional, protecting the wall from water damage. Simply wiping them down on a regular basis is enough to keep mosaic wall tiles clean, making them a low-maintenance option for your bathroom.

Agate 1/2×4 Brick Pearl Finish Glass Tile in Abruzzo
Hexagon 1″ Matte Mosaic Tile in White

Mosaic Shower Tiles

Mosaic tiles are a popular choice for bathroom showers, as their designs add a beautiful pop of color to your shower. The small size of mosaic tiles are ideal for shower setups, as they can fit easily into these smaller spaces. Mosaic tiles can also offer slip-resistance functionality when used as shower flooring thanks to the many individual tiles and grout lines that are required in the design.

Brooklyn 2×2 Mosaic Porcelain Tile in Perla
Dolomite Dotty Mosaic Natural Stone in Bianco
Calacatta Cressa
Hexagon 2″ Matte Mosaic Tile in White

Bathroom Mosaic Tile Design Ideas

The best part about mosaic tiles is that they allow you to get creative! Cover your walls, floor, and shower with mosaic tiles for an immersive experience, or use mosaics to add a focal point to your neutral bathroom design. The options are endless.

Agate 1×1 Mosaic Silk Finish Glass Tile in Lucca
Grotto 2×2 Mosaic Porcelain Tile in Caramel in Onix

Ready for a mosaic tile makeover in your bathroom? Stop by one of our showrooms to make your selection today!